Anonymous Death

Interested? Then read it.
I stare at this handful of pills
And it gives me chills
Because with the rest of this bottle I could die
But I must wait until I have said my goodbyes.
I won't miss the tears that I've cried
I won't miss the ones who have lied
I won't miss the pain I've felt
I won't miss the heartbreak I have dealt.
I will miss that look in your eyes
I will miss you being mine
But you can't always protect me especially from myself
And so I drink this water, take these pills
And say to your health.
You're better off without me
And now you will surely see
That life will go on quite easily.
So goodbye to you, to my heart, my one,
For I will not commit to being alive to ever again see the sun

My death should be anonymous. Just like my life.
Published: 5/14/2010
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