Another Girl

Be patient, that soulmate is out there.
If she leaves you, it's because she wants to,
Let her go, she'll come back if she loves you.
Give her a chance to make up her mind,
Give her room to decide what she wants of you.

Take a step back, let her focus,
Give her time to decipher her own opus,
Don't try to clone her in your own ignorance,
Step back and let her muse your romance.

Never view beauty as ornamental,
For love is a trophy that cannot be won,
Love is earned, not inherited nor bought,
Love is the union of two spirits as one.

Don't expect Cupid to bring you her heart,
She'll make her own choice when she's ready,
Be patient, accept that she may not choose you,
And that her choice maybe your quandary.

With all that said, don't you be afraid,
For even if she should choose another friend,
It will never be the end of your world,
You can always find another girl.

Published: 1/9/2019
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