Another Merry Christmas

It's been awhile since I done a Christmas poem.
A toast to you, my sweetest love,
To family, friends, and neighbors,
May it warm the cockles of our hearts,
To forever dwell within us.
May the yule bring us warmth tonight,
On this eve of Christmas day,
And may our Christmas candle brightly burn,
And chase Jack Frost away.

Snuggle up beside me, love,
Bring me the comfort of your mood,
Let me kiss you a merry Christmas,
And let us spend it like we should,
For Christmas is all about sharing,
And I would like to share with you,
That Christmas beat within my heart,
That declares a love that's true.

We're getting old, that much is clear,
The toys are all for big kids now,
But reminisce of little faces,
Are memories of worthwhile bound,
So let's snuggle up and remember,
While we sip our toddy to the past,
And be thankful for the love still shared,
With one more kiss to merry Christmas.

Published: 12/6/2019
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