Another Minute Lived

With the past weighting down my mind, a new relationship begins alongside a hopeful new beginning.
I'm on the tip of my toes and at the end of your nose,
Can you see how much you've made this heart glow?
How much everything around us has froze?
In this one instant, I can no longer be resistant.

Your pushing me up on the high rise
This moment, I hope it never dies.
No one in the world could possibly hear these compassionate cries
Accompanied by the strangest lies.

Looking down upon me are those dark brown eyes.
You know what I just realized?
I feel like I'm losing control, I know it's going to take a toll.
It's like they say, no pain, no game

Lets step out of that time frame.
I'll show the world just how much sane I can gain.
As my world jumps back to reality, you breath immortality.
Published: 7/22/2009
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