Another World

Sometimes I feel as if this life just isn't enough. As if there is something more, more to live... This describes my world. (Possibly because there is no political fights or high school bullies... but that's beside the point)
Sometimes I dream of a far away land
One over the vast mountains with beauty so grand.

Somewhere I can escape all that awaits.
Never worry about the destined fates.

Dreaming of a place where everything is fair
No jealousy nor depression; people actually care.

One where the birds are free to sore
I see this life we live, there has to be more.

Nothing in life is worth the wait.
I need to find freedom before it is too late.

As I reach across the ocean deep
I find you have hidden under the rocks beneath.

Avoiding contact, worries, salvation
Acting as if we all weren't God's creation.

I dream of a world far from this.
One where we may find actual bliss.

I dream of Heaven
Not this sinful prison.
What do you think?
Superb! I agree 100%.
Suck it up, it's called life.
Required by the state of suck it up, it is now against the law for you to dream.
Good job! I like it.
Published: 9/8/2011
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