Ardent Prayer

Ailing mother's pain...
She felt like a useless ‘commodity’.
Unable to do a minuscule activity;
She has become a burden on bed.
In embarrassment she was turning red.
Who was she angry with?
Is it on the procrastinated death?
Her family provided excellent care.
Flawless service was rendered by every pair.
All this and more with their busy routine!
They left no room for any complaint.
Too much of perfection was at fault.
Healing personal touch was not felt.
Her children and their spouses were stressed out.
With tears she prayed to be pulled out.
How she wished she was brain dead?
Her immobility wouldn’t have reached her head.
All our wishes don’t turn true.
With whatever offered, life has to move.
She didn’t lead this life on her terms.
Nor did it fulfill her smallest dreams
Then how can she expect death to hear her call?
She is blessed that her blood is at her beck and call.
Her suffering brings tears to their eyes.
Unable to wipe, on the bed she lays.
She has become a log of wood.
To her children she is doing no good.
Her body and brain must lose warmth.
Only then can she embrace death.
Her children must be relieved of this pain, their ailing mother.
This is her ardent prayer!
Published: 11/12/2007
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