Are You A Proud Filipino Nurse?

Being a proud Filipino nurse is showing a good example to all people regardless of its origins.
I heard many times before that some nurses say, "I am proud of being a Filipino nurse." But, how true is this statement? I don’t think so. I strongly believe that others don't understand its true meaning.

Being a Filipino nurse is showing a good example to all people regardless of its origins. I think this might help you understand my point. For instance, if you have an Indian or Egyptian co-worker, you don't need to fight with them. You have to treat them fairly with love and respect. If there are misunderstandings, better settle them as soon as possible. Don't hold a grudge. You know it is wrong, so don't make a similar mistake again. Show them the real values of being a Filipino nurse. Be professional, humble, loving, forgiving, and respectful. Thus, I think you don't have the right to say, you are a proud Filipino nurse unless you do these things.

To make you feel inspired, here is my poem.

Nurses' Love

Nurses' love is beyond compare,
No delusions of grandeur,
But simply amazing and pure.

Love that grows deep within,
It has always been,
Beautiful as a morning grin.

Like the river that flows in the valley,
Like the movie with a great finale,
And like the birds that fly freely.

Nurses' love is like the burning sun,
Scalding hot that's never gone,
As nurses care for their patients,
...One by one.

Anyway, I feel bad to see some Filipino nurses who have lack of unity and love for one another. Instead of supporting and understanding each other, they fight as if they are worst enemies. They tell us about being the best nurses in the world, yet they don't actually show it. Of course, I am talking here of a few nurses who don't understand what it means to be a Filipino nurse.

Again, are you a proud Filipino nurse? Before answering this question, think it over and over again.
Published: 9/6/2013
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