Are You Happy Now?

My best friend was going through a rough time. She said that cutting was the only way to be in power of herself. I guess she got to power hunger because next thing I know, she's gone. I dedicate this to her.
There lays the bloody blade,
Soon the pain will forever fade.
Every cut deeper than the last,
Hopefully my end will come fast.

All the words they said,
"I was better off dead."
You got your wish,
Go ahead and throw up your fist.

My eyes began to shut,
As the blood streamed down my cut.
Will anyone shed a tear,
If I'm no longer here?

I take my final breath,
Anticipating my death.
But before I disappear,
Can you stand to look at yourself in the mirror.

Knowing you're the reason,
That I'm bleeding.
I already threw in the towel,
Tell me, are you happy now?
What did you think?
I like it.
Needs some work.
Published: 1/18/2013
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