Aromatherapy Candles

Aromatherapy candles are a simple and natural way to relax your body and chase your cares away!
"The room was looking beautiful that evening; Fiona has taken care of every little detail. She had used simple satin material on the sofa along with brocade cushion covers, the lights had been dimmed, and the dining table set with a beautiful lace tablecloth. She had looked into the minutest detail by matching the napkin rings and crockery to the color of the room too. She had utilized every comer by placing candles of all colors and shapes. To make the candles reach a certain height, she had even bought tall bamboo and wrought iron candle stands. She had worn a beautiful simple cotton dress and had pinned her hair up with a matching hairpin. The room looked lovely, she looked beautiful and the aroma was invigorating. I hadn't thought that I would propose to her this evening or ever. Once in the room, breathing in that lovely air and taking in the ambiance, I realized how beautiful life with her would be!"

Aromatherapy candles are scented with oils extracted from flowers, herbs, fruits, other plants and even trees. These candles contain antiviral, antibiotic and other therapeutic properties. Inhaling the aroma of these essential oils will help you experience the benefits of these candles.

When they are lit, these candles release a small, but conscious stream of floral and herbal essential oils into the air. These essential oils enter your body as you breathe and travel throughout the body, including the brain and the bloodstream. As the chemicals interact with your body you will receive subtle benefits. Every time you burn the candles you not only enhance and improve your state of mind, you also make your surroundings smell nice.

Apart from being useful for decoration and gifting, these candles help relax the body after a difficult day at work. Each essential oil that is used in an aromatherapy candle helps the body in various different ways.


More than 90 essential oils are used to perfume these candles. Each essential oil has a different quality that helps to promote physical and mental health.
Mandarin: The mandarin candle helps create a calming effect and is known to relieve anxiety.
Tea Tree: Candles that contain tea tree oil are known to fight the symptoms of cold.
Sandalwood: This oil helps to ease feelings of stress and anxiety.
Lavender: This oil is popular for its relaxing properties. Once added to a jar candle, it can be used to create a peaceful and soothing atmosphere.
Eucalyptus: The eucalyptus candle boosts the immune system and helps with respiratory problems.
Peppermint: This oil helps relieve headache, muscle ache and digestive disorders.
Sage: This essential oil is a time-tested antidote for insomnia and a very good relaxant too.
Rosemary: Candles that contain rosemary oil help stimulate mental stimulation.
Ylang Ylang: Candles that contain this popular oil act as an antidepressant.

What to look out for while buying aromatherapy candles

While going out to buy these candles, remember to check the label of the candle for the words "essential oils." While at this you should also check for the quality of the wax, wicks, coloring and fragrance.

A pure aromatherapy candle will always come properly wrapped. This is because essential oils are highly volatile and dissipate quickly. For maximum benefits, buy candles made from nature based ingredients. Soy candles that are made from soybean wax is a popular option, as it does not contain animal products or synthetic ingredients. Another alternative to paraffin is Beeswax.
By Rachna Gupta
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