Indulge in a relaxing aromatherapy bath, and know what aromatherapy is and what its benefits are...
This therapy has been gaining a lot of popularity over the last few years. Those seeking relaxation naturally are opting of this with increasing pace. By now, most of us have heard about this therapy and have a general idea how it works. However, we don't know the detailed functioning of this therapy; something that is very important for maximum benefit!

What is Aromatherapy?

Each one of us will try to answer this question in a way that appeals to us the best, or in a manner that reflects up on our personal experiences with aromatherapy. To put it simply, this therapy is the practice of using plant oils that are often volatile and using essential oils to improve psychological and physical well-being of a person. This brings me to the next logical question, what are essential oils. Essential oils are liquid extracts taken from the purest or the most essential part of the aromatic plant. Studies have found that essential oils are beneficial in the use of physical and psychological well-being, if and when used in a proper manner. Essential oils are highly concentrated and should never be used directly on the skin; they are most commonly used along with base oil or with the help of a diluter.

Essential oils are not to be confused with perfume oils or fragrance oils. Perfume or fragrance oils are made from artificial substances and often harmful chemicals, and more often than not they are harmful and do not have any of the benefits of essential oils. Beware of fragrance and perfume oils being masked as essential oils.

What are The Benefits?

There are certain benefits of using essential oils in the 'aroma' way. When essential oils are directly released by diffusing them into the lungs, they have great psychological and physical benefits. This happens because the aroma stimulates a reaction in the brain that helps the rest of the body. But, if essential oils are not administered properly, they can cause serious damage and be detrimental to health.

Aromatherapy is not only beneficial when used by way of a diffuser, it also works wonders when used by way of physical application. Essential oils that are applied on to the skin, with the use of base oil, are also a great ways of using this therapy. But remember that while using a essential oils they should never be used directly, they should always be used with a carrier oil such as grape seed oil, sweet almond oil or apricot kernel oil.

Other than being used for physical and psychological well-being, essential oils can also be used as a natural pesticide and insect repellent.

Most popular Essential Oils Used in Aromatherapy
  • Bergamot oil.
  • Clary Sage oil.
  • Eucalyptus oil.
  • Geranium oil.
  • Lavender oil.
  • Lemon oil.
  • Peppermint oil.
  • Sandalwood oil.
  • Tea Tree oil.
  • Ylang-Ylang oil.
  • Rosemary oil.
  • Chamomile oil.
  • Jasmine oil.
  • Rose oil.
  • Marjoram oil.
  • Cedar wood oil.
More and more people these days are opting for this therapy as an alternative medication, this is because it has great therapeutic benefits and all in the natural way. Who wouldn't prefer a relaxing massage using a combination of essential oils, or an aromatherapy bath to the popping of sedatives and oral medication? But remember to be careful while buying your products, because some of these could be fake and dangerous to you.
By Khushnuma Irani
Published: 1/31/2008
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