Art of Selfless Giving

So many lessons to be learned on selfless giving...If only we can practice the art of offering service without expectation of reward, we would be able to evolve to a higher spiritual plane...
Learn to give without a care,
Just like the mounds of soil;
Each grain bears life spare,
Springing rich crop from toil.

Learn selflessness from mother,
Who lives that child may dare;
Overcoming hurdles and bother,
To teach of life and virtue share.

Learn from flowers that die today,
And moths that wither by twilight;
Live and let live, showing the way
Of beginnings from dark of night.

Learn from the earth and moon,
The mountains and forest glade;
Who make space for life to prune
Dispelling gloom in bright shade.

The inanimate and the subtle forms
Seem to be full of lessons on living;
On how to brave the tempest storms
And teach the art of selfless giving.
By Gaynor Borade
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