Arthritis Treatment for Dogs

Arthritis treatment for dogs is very essential to help your dog recover from the pain and discomfort caused due to this health condition. This article deals with various treatment for arthritis in dogs.
Arthritis is not only a health condition that adults and children can suffer from, it is a commonly diagnosed disease in dogs as well. This dog illness results in severely painful joints and inflammation in joints mostly caused by degenerative joint changes. It is most common in older dogs and in large and giant breeds. As your dog gets older, he might seem uncomfortable while getting up and he might walk very slowly. In large and giant breeds, their size might put additional pressure on the joints leading to more wear and tear. Arthritis in dogs is usually caused due to long-term stresses over the joints or old injuries. If you observe some symptoms, you must soon opt for proper treatment. There is arthritis treatment for dogs available that will work in helping your dog get well.

Natural Treatment Options

Exercise is the best treatment. Remember the exercise routine must be gentle and not include strenuous activities. Exercise will help reduce this dog health problem and maintain weight. It will strengthen the muscles and joints in a natural way. Remember, exercising daily is important, only weekend exercise can lead to more problems in the joints. You can give you dog some exercises like leash walks, swimming and slow jogging. Daily short exercise session will be helpful for dogs. A veterinarian can suggest the right exercise program according your dog's weight, size and level of arthritis problem.

Sleeping Comfort
You might be aware that remedies of arthritis in humans include a comfortable bedding. Same is the case with dogs. Arthritis in dogs home remedies include a comfortable bed and warm dog shelter for them. You can opt for a baby's old mattress or soft couch. You can keep the dog's sleeping place at a height a foot above the floor so that, they are comfortable while getting up and down. Arthritis might worsen in cold weather. So, it is very essential that your dog stays warm. You can add a good sweater in your dog's clothes for cold times to keep him warm. This will help keep his joints warmer.

Healthy diet along with regular exercise is a very essential part of treatment. Healthy diet will ensure proper dog health and that he doesn't get overweight. As mentioned above, overweight dogs are more prone to arthritis problem. Dietary supplements that include glucosamine, vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin C, chondroitin sulfate, manganese, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids will help in reducing the pain. In rare cases, there might be minor diarrhea due to these supplements, which can be alleviated by reducing or splitting the dose, or giving it with a meal.

Other Remedies
Therapies like acupuncture, massage, physiotherapy are very effective treatment. These will reduce the joint pain caused due to arthritis in dogs, giving them relief. Another effective treatment is adult stem cell therapy. Stem cell therapy involves removing tissues from arthritic dog, typically fatty tissue and processing the stem cells present in these tissues for injection into the affected joint. These stem cells help improve the joint function, hence, treating arthritis.

Medical Treatment Options

Your veterinarian might give anti-inflammatory and pain-relief medication. This includes Non-steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) like carprofen, etodolac, deracoxib, firocoxib and tepoxalin. These drugs give quick pain relief. In some cases, veterinarian might also suggest surgery. Adult stem cell therapy is another treatment options. It involves removal of fatty tissues from the dog and processing the stem cells present in these tissues which are further injected into the affected joint.

Arthritis treatment can be easier if it is diagnosed at earlier stages. If you experience behavioral changes in your dog, you must soon consult a veterinarian. Joint pain can lead to visible discomfort and decrease in physical activities in dogs. Veterinarian will prescribe the right treatment for arthritis in dogs and help him recover.
By Mamta Mule
Published: 11/17/2009
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