Artificial Hair Integration

The skill used to attach hair extensions of human hair to your own hair is known as Artificial Hair Integrations. There are three major techniques used in artificial integration...
The celebrities are in dire need of different hair styles for different occasions. The artificial hair integration is a technique used to attach hair extensions made up of human or artificial hair to your own hair. This technique is very advanced that nobody can find out that you have attached hair extension unless you tell them.

With the increase in fashion conscious among the public and with the advancements in the artificial hair integration techniques, more and more common people are making use of this technique. Many people around the world want to add volume, length, or different colors to their natural hair. The reasons for using integrations can lie anywhere from medical to purely cosmetic.

When you get bored of your natural hair, you can immediately fix an appointment with a good salon, approach the hair stylist and decide what type of integration will suit you based on your needs. Spend some time in the salon and the hair stylist will work on hair integration and bravo! You have changed your look!

Integration Techniques
There are three major techniques used in artificial integration. The hair extensions that are used to integrate may be human hair or synthetic hair but using human hair costs more.

Strand By Strand Hair Integration
In this technique, small strands of hair extensions are integrated to your own hair strand by strand and hence the name. This looks more natural. The extensions are integrated using glue made of protein, fused with heat; clamped using tubes made of metal or weaved together. Some kind of glue is first applied on your hair and then the artificial strands are fixed upon the glue. When you don't want the glue, tiny tubes are used to attach the strands with a special technique to your own hair.

Weft hair Integration
A weft is a track of several inches long on which the hair is already attached. There will be a stitching at the top of the track. It is the weft which holds the hair together. Right below the stitch the hair hangs loose. The stitch in the wefts can be either hand made or sewed in machine. Hand made wefts are custom-made and are costlier. The wefts are then integrated using sewing, taped, glued or fused with heat. Some of these methods need your hair to be pulled and held tightly for integration which may cause discomfort.

Clip-in hair Integration
As the name implies, ready-made dressed hair are just clipped on your natural hair for integration. This type of artificial hair integration is a temporary and inexpensive technique where you can remove the clipped in hair before you go to sleep. Clip-in hair is the easiest of all systems to apply and remove where you don't need a salon. Clips come in all sizes and lengths used for both highlights and full heads.

The texture and the color of the hair are available in multiple varieties. You can choose the one you want. Textures of artificial hair are available from bone-straight to super-curly. The exact names of curl patterns vary with the brand. With synthetic hair, the curl patterns are infinite. You can also use Virgin - unprocessed human hair taken from a single person or Remi - human hair is strictly organized with the roots in one direction and the tip to the opposite end

The bonding of your natural hair and the integrated hair will loosen with the growth of your natural hair. You have to take separate care of your hair after integration. Use only mild shampoos after integration. The last and the most important thing is, to remove your integrated hair you should again call a hair stylist. Never pull out the integrated hair as it will damage your original hair. If you want to change your looks often, then the artificial hair integration is a boon to you.
By Jayashree Pakhare
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