As Is Wont Of My Nature

Let's not be cold again...
So the year's growing old,
As the Summer surrenders,
To Autumn's golden sunsets,
And a cold, dreary November,
And we look toward the skies,
For a snow-bright December,
But it just keeps on raining,
The misery of Winter.

My bones are arthritic,
My muscles fail to perform,
I can't go into work today,
I simply must stay at home,
I simply can't do anything,
That involves leaving the quilt,
So please don't pressure me,
I'm comfortable in my guilt.

Look across the horizon,
Can you see Spring arise?
Has the frost turned to dew yet?
Or are the ponds still iced?
Don't awake me too soon,
You horrible creature,
Leave me in my hibernation,
As is wont of my nature!

Published: 10/3/2018
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