Asian Dragon Tattoos

Are you planning to get yourself inked with an Asian dragon tattoo? Read the following article for information on the significance, design and placement of these tattoos.
With celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, Lenny Kravitz, Mel B, Melanie C, Howard Stern and Pink supporting them, Asian dragon tattoos have become quite a rage. Japanese and Chinese dragon tattoos appeal to a wide variety of people, almost from all the countries of the world. If you too are planning to have this tattoo inked on your body, then here is some interesting trivia about them.


In western countries, the dragon is considered to be a creature that everybody should be scared of. He is thought of as somebody who is scary and kills people by emitting fire from its mouth. But let me tell you, Asians have a completely different take on this. They look up to dragons as creatures who are beautiful, intelligent and compassionate. In fact, the message that these tattoos convey is that of spirituality and faith.

Japanese Designs
In Japan, it is believed that their first emperor was the descendant of the dragon. That is why dragons are highly respected in the Japanese culture and are used in Japanese art to show power and authority. Another Japanese myth proclaims that a dragon is the water God. That's the reason why many Japanese tattoos have clouds in them. Keeping up with these myths, the Japanese designs are made in such a way that they reflect power, protection and longevity.

Chinese Designs
In China, the dragon is considered a male and is associated with the nine number, which is considered very auspicious in astrology. The dragons, in China, are considered to be so powerful that they can control the weather. Dragons also represent one of the signs in the Chinese Zodiac. The Chinese tattoo designs reflect qualities such as harmony, health, good-luck, benevolence, intelligence and strength.

Designs, Color and Placement

Asian dragon tattoos which are created today can be both traditional as well as modern. They range from being tribal and terrifying to being realistic, charming and sweet.

The tattoos which are carved in Japanese style, show dragons without wings, who have paws similar to that of a tiger, their claws are eagle-like, their head is camel-like, they have long whiskers and they may also have some sort of jewel, just below their chin.

The Chinese tattoo designs should ideally have a very strong resemblance to snakes. Just like snakes, they have a scaly body. Authentic Chinese designs have four legs and there are five claws on each of these legs. They are also shown with a pearl under their chin.

Different tattoo designs represent different things so the one who is getting himself inked with them should know what they represent. For example, a Chinese dragon tattoo with horns should be supported by someone who is very powerful both in his words as well as deeds. An earth design is meant for people who are lovers of nature and feel connected to the earth in some way. A yellow dragon tattoo is supported by one who is very intelligent and scholarly. The celestial design is supported by somebody who is very spiritual.

The placement of Asian dragon tattoos varies a lot too. Women usually prefer it on the arms or the lower back. While men prefer it on the chest. They are sometimes carved on the entire upper bodies of men or on a bald head too. Except for tribal tattoo designs, all other Asian dragon tattoo designs are done in colors such as red, purple, green, violet, yellow, etc.

Here's hoping that now you have enough information on Asian dragon tattoos and their designs, and that you would not have any difficulty in selecting the one that suits you and your personality.
By Aastha Dogra
Published: 1/18/2010
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