At First Sight

In my experience, yes love at first sight is possible...
At first sight, you took my breath away,
Words cannot describe the moment I first laid my eyes on you,
Rivers of joy flowed through my heart and veins,
I think I felt... Yes! I felt my heart tap-dancing against my ribs,
Happiness consumed every fiber of my being,
I was blessed with honor of having to feast my eyes with nature's best gift,
And I knew without a shadow of a doubt, it was love at first sight.

At first sight, it felt weird but I knew it was genuine,
It was like my prince charming had walked out of my fairy tale,
He swept me off my feet, the moment I first caught a glimpse of him,
Only then, did reality start dawning on me in fragments,
I could feel the echoes of my own heartbeats,
Dancing to the magical tune of love,
The sweet melody that melted my heart away.

At first sight, my heart skipped a beat,
My heart bumped sideways, like an out-of-control pendulum,
I could have sworn, this was a dream!
God had sent His angel to watch over me,
Little did He know, His angel would break the eighth commandment,
"Do not steal," it says... well he stole my heart,
And it is for that reason, I fell in love with him at first sight!!
Published: 11/29/2013
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