Death comes in more than one form. Not just the physical, but social.
Day by day we live in this world,
Knowing your life is just a fraction,
Though it may be depressing to know,
Sometimes everyone sees a part of you go.

We are doomed by this awful fate,
Yet for why is something of much debate,
To be remembered is echoed by those who dream,
To make a change in the world it seems,
But who's world lies in their own hands,
It is those who thought it in first glance.

You see being forgotten makes the world go round,
Nothing will stay forever and sound,
Some things stay, even different in a way.

So remember being forgotten is a sign of change,
Whether it's a person, a thing, or place,
Do not worry for your brain needs space,
To remember all the other wonderful things,
Because being forgotten is truly a normal.
Published: 12/30/2016
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