Author's Note - 'Devour'

To the readers of Devour (If there's anybody still out there...) Please read.
Hellooooo there, it's been awhile and there is a lot of explaining to do and I'm going to be honest to you guys when I say. I really don't know what happened... I took a break from writing as it got hard for me to have inspiration, By the time a couple of months had passed and I stop going to iBuzzle all together, and it didn't help that I forgot the username I used when I got ready to write again. But I do apologize and I do want to make it up to you if you are still out there. I checked up on the comments and I still have people requesting me to write in 2016 and I posted 'Devour' in 2013 so it's been like three whole years and people are still reading! Okay so let's get down to business...

Okay so, I did read the entirety of the nine chapters and I still very much enjoy the storyline, and where it was going there is a few things I would like to change a couple of things actually and I want to scrap some ideas about the story that to me doesn't make much sense and some I feel like it were irrelevant characters. I feel like my characters need more depth I want to rewrite them and make them more "mature" I would like to change some of the names but I don't know if that would be confusing to you. So that's where you guys come in...

So basically I'm writing you guys to let you know I'm going to do a rewrite. With better character detail and longer chapters a more seasoned storyline with a clearer vision that I didn't have before. I use to just sit on the computer and just write as I went, not thinking about what I wanted to happen next which is good for a while until you loose inspiration. I am a little older now and I feel like my writing has matured and changed for the better and I don't want to give up on the story so what do you guys think?

Please let me know what you guys think In the comment section. I will also leave a poll so if you don't usually comment pleas vote!

Also what do you guys think of me leaving these old chapters up and doing. The rewrite under "Devour 2.0"

If there something you feel as the reader that should not and cannot be changed let me know!

Thanks so much! Happy reading(:

Published: 11/22/2016
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