Author's Note - It's Life

Please read if you're reading 'It's Life'.
Hey guys,

I know I haven't been posting and I really am sorry about that. I got a new job and I've been crazy busy, my days are flying by and I barely ever have time to do anything. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I'm not done with 'It's Life' just yet. I know it did sound like an ending chapter....

In a way I guess it sort of was... I'm not quite sure yet if there will be one last chapter of it or if I'll be heading straight into the sequel- either way all unanswered questions will be answered, all the endings will happen.

So I guess it's up to you guys whether or not there's one last chapter to this story... either way, whatever you choose there, will end up being a sequel, it's just up to you to choose whether this first book gets one last chapter. Personally I think it's okay the way it is, but I just can't decide so... Go vote.

I love you all so much for reading it and especially the supportive commenters, I love you all, you make it so much more fun for me to write and post.
Do you want a last chapter?
Just start the sequel and hurry it up.
Neither, it's good the way it is.
Published: 3/17/2012
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