Baby Blanket Knitting Patterns

If you are waiting for the arrival of your baby, some baby blanket knitting patterns might come handy to snuggle up your little one in them. A variety of patterns have been discussed in this article.
Undeniably the arrival of a baby in the house is the most awaited feeling one could have! Babies swaddling in small, cute blankets is the most amazing photographic memory an observer can have, especially a mother! A well knitted colorful, soft and comforting baby blanket is the best gift you can give your newborn just to put him/her to sleep in it. These baby bedding are designed to provide warmth and solace to the innocent soul. Purchasing baby blankets from the market can be one option, ready-made, personalized blankets could be another one, but how about knitting one? Well, there are plenty of knitting patterns waiting to be knitted out. According to me, the last option sounds exciting and very thoughtful! So if you too are feeling the same, come let's take a look at some knitting patterns.

Knitting Patterns for Baby Blankets

Baby's 1st Blanket
This is, I guess, one of the easiest and warmest baby blanket pattern, you could knit. It is a neat and nice looking blanket with no holes at all. The no hole part is safe enough for avoiding the baby's little fingers to get stuck in. It is kind of a shawl and a wrap up altogether which fits in the baby's crib very smoothly. The total size of it is approximately 24'' square.

Honeycomb Blanket Pattern
The word honeycomb instantly gives us a picture of some complex beehive hanging down and all bees surrounding it, right? Well, this is amongst those baby blanket patterns that sounds intricate but is totally a piece of cake. As the pattern suggests honeycomb, it does have unique figures of honeycomb with buzzing bees around it. The size of the blanket is small though such that the knitting project gets over quickly and one can easily carry the baby in a stroller.

Quickie Baby Blanket
Quickie as in quick! Or Quickie as in some duck is quacking! Well there are both these possibilities entailing the name of the pattern but alas only one is right. That is the first one. This knitting pattern really goes smooth and fast, turns out to all neat in its looks and regrettably has no duck picture on it (wink!).

Hooded Blanket
If you want to keep it easy but also challenging, then this is amongst those patterns which is not quick as a wink, but is not as long as a verb too. Unlike other patterns this pattern has got a hood to cover the baby's head while you take the baby out for a stroll. Thus, hooded patterns are generally interesting and challenging to knit but are easy at the same time. Use a soft wool in knitting this pattern as the hood is going to rest on the baby's head.

Patterns for Beginners

Garter Pattern
Basically in the domain of knitting if you learn; garter stitch is the foundation of knitting. Thus this garter patter is highly recommended to be knitted by budding knitters only. Otherwise its suitable for both beginners and experts in knitting. Basically this baby blanket pattern uses this simple garter stitch which can be actuated to a variety of colors and looks if the knitter has an imagination surpassing mere simplicity.

Sunshine Baby Blanket
I remember during my childhood sunshine baby patterns were one of the most famous knitting patterns to create in elegant shades. But naturally the blanket has to have bold yellow colors in lieu of the sun and that's when it would be called a sunshine blanket. On a personal note, this pattern still is my fave although its appearance is all intricate it really isn't so.

Angel Baby Knit Blanket
Perhaps your baby could experience the presence of being surrounded in a world of soft wool and lovely clouds which this blanket exhibits. It is totally easy to knit just like another snuggly baby blanket which provides warmth and comfort to the baby. A knitter is the best person to improvise his/her knitting skills on a project he/she undertakes. So going about it accordingly is entirely up to an individual.

Alphabet Baby Pattern
From the pool of different knitting patterns, free and fun patterns are the ones usually eyed at and handpicked. This baby blanket idea is an example of such a pattern. It is made out of individual squares consisting different alphabets, perhaps the initials of the baby's name and are all joined together. Introduce different colors in the blanket and tell me about it, to me it totally sounds interesting already.

Exploring the field of knitting and trying different patterns doesn't take any long to create. Once you have your personal choice of colors and knit stitches ready to expend, knit some cozy blankets for your tiny angel!
By Fatima Rangwala
Published: 1/29/2011
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