How to Select a Good Baby Crib Bedding

Would-be-moms need to carefully consider the safety and comfort of the baby before splurging on luxurious baby crib beddings. With the moms being spoiled for choice, here are a few dos and don'ts to choose the appropriate baby crib bedding.
When it comes to your bundle of joy, you always spare no expenses in giving him/her all the happiness life can offer. From planning to the décor of the room, to the baby's wardrobe, parents are known to go that extra mile for providing the best. Expecting parents often end up shopping ceaselessly and end up with items that are not required or not really meant for daily use.

The baby crib is one of the most important purchases that are often the first on the shopping list. Apart from being sturdy and strong, baby cribs also go the designer way to please the extravagant tastes of expecting mothers. Some cribs come with a canopy, which gives it the look of a crib tent whereas, some have a half top or no top at all. But along with the cribs, the baby crib bedding holds a lot of significance as well.

It is not only the baby cribs that should conform to the basic standards, the crib bedding needs to be of an equally high standard itself. This factor is often overlooked. The baby crib bedding is important for the baby's health and safety. The baby crib bedding consists of mattress, pillowcases, pillows, bed sheets etc. You can pick these up individually or even as a set.

Some Factors You Should Consider While Choosing Your Baby's Crib Bedding
  • Look for 100% cotton products.
  • Know the durability, comfort factor and the washability of the brand.
  • Bed sheets should fit the baby snugly.
  • It should be stained proof.
  • Last but not the least; try to match it with the décor of the room. It will help to maintain an appropriate color scheme.
You can find a range of patterns and shapes when it comes to baby crib bedding. Always keep your budget in mind, as the baby will ultimately outgrow it. The crib mattress forms another important feature of the baby crib bedding. The general size of the mattress is made to fit a standard crib size. This would ensure you would not have the baby wedge itself in any awkward way, between the crib and the mattress.

Crib mattresses also need to be changed constantly. This is the prime reason why parents would prefer to have bedding that is convenient as well as comfortable and easy to use. One can look out for waterproof bedding or nylon coated mattress covers. This would make it sturdy despite the numerous washes.

Consider the firmness of the mattress. This would help in providing the right amount of comfort for your baby. Look for easily washable covers. Some of them are multi-layered and even come with stain resistant covers. Press the edges of the mattress gently to test for its firmness.

When choosing the baby crib mattress, you need to go in for either a foam mattress or one that comes with an innerspring. Most expecting parents go in for foam mattresses because they are lightweight. The innerspring crib mattresses are firm and tend to retain their shape.

For the sheets, always stick to natural and breathable fabrics. Avoid fancy materials, as it may not suit your baby's tender skin. Look for organic wool or pure cotton. Ensure it has enough vent holes for it to remain fresh at all times.

Choosing the right fabrics, colors and textures go a long way in making your baby feel comfortable and safe. Ensure you combine the baby crib item with appropriate furniture like comfy chairs, changing table, toy boxes, night lights, closets etc. Whatever you choose, keep the safety of the baby in mind. Your baby's health and safety are in your hands, so ensure you pick the best to give him/her a happy life ahead!
By Kashmira Lad
Last Updated: 10/8/2011
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