Baby Poems

It has often been noted that parenthood changes people. When you hold your baby in your arms for the very first time, you experience emotions that you would have never thought possible. Our poems about infants and the joy they bring are bound to make you happy and move you to tears, all at the same time.
What is the meaning of life?
My Little Sibling
He stole my eyes... I love him.
My Dream Girl
You're the woman of my dreams.
Dream Baby
I'm young and I don't want a baby now but one day when I'm stable I hope to bring someone into this world who will love me as much as I love them.
I Dream Of A Baby
I find it interesting that this dream did not freak me out. It felt right. I love my boyfriend and everything but I don't want a kid now. I'm too young. XP What does it mean to dream of being preggo??
Pregnant at 16
I'm 17 now. I have gotten pregnant at 16. And this is a poem kind of describing how its like on the pregnant side. N how us woman feel when we are growing still ourselves.
If Babies Could Talk
Babies are sometimes misunderstood....
Beautiful babies! There is never a dull moment around them. Even as they sleep, they are lessons in vigilance and love. The need to protect them brings along the realization of the need to be loved...
Baby’s First Life
It brings tears to my eyes to know that you are mine…
Those Tiny Dents!!!
Dimples of a baby say lots....
Terrifying Thirty Minutes
A baby's search.....
Abortion ??!!
Dialog between an unborn baby and mom........
A Baby Is Born!!!
Beginning blues of a '"newborn mother"!
Baby- Hey!
A Revelation...