Back Fat Workouts for Women

Embarrassed to wear a beautiful backless gown for your anniversary because of your back fat? Here are some back fat workouts for women to help you slim down and flaunt that gorgeous back at your anniversary party.
Any excess fat that you consume, settles on your legs, hips and back. If you see lumps and rolls on your back, I am sorry to say, but you have too much of fat and it is settling down on your back. This fat is harmful as it will not only give you love handles, but may also give you back pain, if not eliminated in time. You might also suffer from other back related issues. As you want to avoid the above, here is an article on back fat workouts for women.

Usually, when you discover fat on your back, you tend to lose your self-confidence and start becoming very self-conscious. This may lead you to believe that you will never look slim again which may further lead to getting depressed. You know how women deal with depression; they start eating a lot. Girls! Stop! Given below are some back exercises that you can do easily at home to eliminate all the unnecessary fat.

Lower Back Fat Workouts
Back exercises can be divided into upper back exercises and lower back exercises. Given below are some lower back exercises for your benefit.

Exercise #1
Lie flat on your stomach on an exercise ball, with your neck and upper body parallel to the floor. Keep a little more than shoulder width between your legs. Keeping your hands behind your head, slowly raise your upper body above the exercise ball. Hold for 5 seconds before returning to the start position. This is a back extension exercise which provides tremendous stretch to your back.

Exercise #2
Lying flat on your stomach with your forehead firmly on the ground, stretch your hands straight in front of and your legs straight behind. Slowly raise the right hand with the left leg till you feel that you cannot go any higher. Keep your back, legs and hands straight while doing this exercise and feel the wonderful stretch that your back gets.

Exercise #3
Lie flat on your stomach keeping your hands and legs straight. Keep your chin firmly on the ground. Now slowly raise your left leg till you reach a point when you cannot stretch it anymore. Experience the stretch on the lower back. Hold the position for 5 seconds and slowly get back to the starting position. Do this with your right leg too. This is one of the great back fat workouts for women.

Upper Back Fat Workouts
These upper back workouts are great to reduce the unwanted back fat.

Exercise #1
Standing erect with shoulder distance in your legs, keep your hands on your hips. From your waist, slowly twist to your left till you feel a stretch on your back. Hold it for some time and then come back to the starting position. Repeat with your right side.

Exercise #2
This simple exercise can be performed in your home or even in your office. Stand straight and keep your hands on your side. Bend down and try to touch your toes. Do this every two hours so that your back gets stretched and also see your stomach becoming flat.

Exercise #3
Stand with shoulder width distance between your feet. Bend at your waist without straining it. Hold dumbbells in both your hands. Exhale and lift the dumbbells to your chest by bending your elbows. Inhale while lowering the dumbbells. Repeat this exercise 10 times.

Apart from these exercises, you can lose your ugly back fat with the help of the following tips.
  • Get rid of the sodas, cakes and the other processed foods from your refrigerator. Include low fat proteins and fibrous foods for easy digestion. Eating small meals also helps in decreasing back fat.
  • Did you know that stress can shut down your digestive system? Well, now that you do, reduce your stress levels. Stress is also harmful as it leads to overeating. In order to get rid of that back fat, learn yoga meditation and stress management.
  • Start walking or jogging or any other cardio exercises, everyday. This will not only help you to burn all the extra fat but will also improve your energy, reduce the risk of heart diseases and make you feel fresh.
  • Use resistance weight training for back fat reduction. Dumbbells will definitely help you in reducing the back fat.
Another wonderful way to lose back fat is yoga, which is working for people for a long time. Learn some yoga exercises and yoga poses and do them regularly. With the help of the diet tips and the exercises mentioned above, you should be able to lose all your back fat. A healthy combination of balanced diet, aerobic or cardiovascular exercises and weight training forms the core of back fat workouts for women and is the key to a great looking back! All the best!!
By Deeptee A
Published: 8/7/2010
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