Balcony Sisters

A small story...
This is a tale of two sisters.
They were filled with kind postures.
Duo could not live without one another.
Such was the love for one another.
Each was the cynosure of another.
Difference between them was hardly two.
It looked as though the difference was twenty two!
Elder doted on the younger to that extent....
Younger would mot move a pin without her sis's consent.
Balcony was their favorite spot.
Hours long discussions had no space for tit for tat.
Friendly were their talks.
Chats included all walks.
Gossip was minimal.
Rapport shared was unusual.
This became sisters' world's envy.
Hardly affected was the duo, very savvy;
Evening walks and week end eat outs were regular.
Their age group found it very peculiar.
How could sisters be so happy with one another?
There was no need for any other?
Well wishers blessed for 'all well'.
Destiny didn't treat them, all that well.
Marriage became the turning point.
Problems pulled them apart.
Visiting each other has become very rare.
That pain, they have learned to bear.
They hear each other.
Shared is the joy and sorrow of one another.
Their grievance is against fate.
Its cruel game, they have learned; though a bit late.
Their marriages are around two decades old.
Miracle will happen; this 'optimism' is keeping them bold.
Both are waiting for good old time to return.
Hoping it would take a 'U' turn.
Published: 7/21/2007
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