Bald Spot on Head

Nearly 60 million people in America are suffering from bald spot on head or some or the other kind of baldness. Read on the article to know about its causes and treatments.
Our hair adds beauty to our physical appearance. A normal lifespan of a single strand is 2 to 5 years. When the hair falls, the other follicle is ready to take its place and start its normal life. On an average, hair grows about one and a half inch every month. All these facts reflect a normal cycle of a hair strand. But there are many people around the world who have some or the other problems related to baldness. There are lots of causes behind bald spots on head. This problem can be treated with medications, surgeries, etc. It can also be cured with natural methods and therapies.

Bald Spot on Head Causes

Although bald spot can be observed in both the genders but bald spot in women is less common than bald spot in men. There are many causes behind this condition. The hair growth can be resumed if the causes are identified. Following are some of the possible causes of bald spot.
  • The most common cause for baldness is the genetic problem. It can happen to both men as well as women. If your grandfather and father had a bald spot then there are chances that you will also end up with a bald spot on your head. This type of baldness is known as pattern baldness.
  • Androgenic alopecia is also considered as one of the major cause of baldness. It is caused due to the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone. It can be observed in both men and women. Bald spot in women may be caused due to the high level of androgen because of the pregnancy, use of birth control pills, polycystic ovarian syndrome, perimenopause, menopause, etc. This hormonal change can further cause many other problems too.
  • Stress and shock can contribute to your baldness. Illness and surgical procedures can result in excess hair loss. Apart from this, mental and physiological stress can also increases the hair loss. This can be a temporary baldness as there is a considerable hair growth after the stress period is overcome.
  • Some drugs and side effects of some medications can also result in baldness. Chemotherapy or radiation sessions, antidepressants pills, thyroid medication, etc., can result in excessive hair loss. It is temporary and can resume with time on its own.
  • Poor nutrition and deficiency of protein, iron, zinc, etc., can be considered the reason behind baldness. Change in diet can also be a cause. The person may experience thinning of hair and bald spots on head.
  • Alopecia areata is an autoimmune disease in which the body's immune system attacks the hair follicles which may result in baldness and hair loss. It is a temporary hair loss and can be resumed by the body itself or by some treatments.
  • Some infections like ringworm can take you to bald spots. It is a common fungal infection and is very contagious. It can result in bald spots which are usually round in shape and come with redness, itching and blisters. Other than this, bacterial infection and yeast infection can also affect the scalp.
  • Some diseases like diabetes, lupus and Addison's disease, hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism, etc., can be the culprit behind the female as well as male hair loss.
Bald Spot on Head Treatments
The treatments for bald spot depend upon the underlying conditions which are causing the baldness. Following are some of the treatments which have positive results on the bald spots.
  • The foremost thing to do is to find out the reason behind the baldness. Once you know the underlying condition or diseases which are responsible for the bald spot, start the treatment for them. The hair will automatically start growing.
  • For androgenic alopecia the doctors usually recommend minoxidil which is a topical formula. It will threat the disease and will improve the hair condition.
  • You can get many ayurvedic and homeopathic hair growth oils available in the market which can help in the regrowth and thickening of hair.
  • Scalp massage is also a very effective way of getting out of bald spot conditions. Massage helps in proper circulation of the blood in the scalp this improves the hair conditions and helps in hair loss prevention. It can also result in natural hair growth.
  • Healthy diet can improve not only hair fall but also your overall health. Include eggs, almond, fish, chicken and other protein rich food items in your menu and see the effects on your hair. Vitamin B supplements are also considered to be very helpful in improving the scalp conditions.
  • Cardiovascular exercises are also very beneficial in improving the blood circulation. This in turn improves the hair quality and prevents hair loss.
  • The last option for the people is to go under the knife i.e. for a hair transplantation surgery. This will include the removal of hair from the bang area and transplanting it on the bald spot. It may lead to some mild pain, discomfort and formation of scabs but all these side effects will diminish with time.
Take care of the hair by oiling them regularly and taking the massage therapy at least twice a week. No need of spending money in expensive parlors as you can do it on your own. If the problem gets worse, contact a dermatologist immediately.
By Niharika Arya
Last Updated: 9/22/2011
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