Banner Call

Mr. Cameron pledged new laws to curb the unions and render socialism obsolete... Why let the vulture pick from your corpse?
Desperate men tend to hide,
Can't put their differences aside,
Separated by the great divide.

Conquered into submission,
Defeated by the great revision,
Weakened by division.

Wizened men stand idly by,
Scratching heads and wondering why,
So many hardened men cry.

Shadows grope where light once shone,
Rain clouds darken the dawn,
This is a time to mourn.

The good shepherd leads no more,
It's all dead ends and closed doors,
And empty banners on the floor.

The soapbox stands empty now,
No more to rant and rave it's vow,
As socialism takes a final bow.

But why let Wormwood steal your lot?
After all, we're all we've got,
Against the Babylonian Harlot.

Why do we have to kill our own?
Strength lies in unity, alone,
Division steals your house and home.

Are we not united in our strife?
Do we not deserve a better life?
Then let us stand together and fight!

United we stand, divided we fall,
Cry all for one and one for all,
Come rally to the banner call!
Published: 8/7/2015
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