Barbed Wire Tattoos

Barbed wire tattoos depict a strong inner self. The spiky body art is one of its kind and ranks before most of the tattoo designs. Scroll down to know more about barbed wire tattoos...
Barbed wire tattoos are one of the most liked tattoos for their unique design. They are also known as barb wire tattoos. Barbed wire is a type of wire fencing, which is often used to secure property, so as to keep animals and people at bay from a certain area. A barbed wire consists of barbs or sharp spikes, which can pierce the skin of an animal or man, whoever tries to climb over or run into this type of fencing. Although it was previously used to fence animals, especially cattle, it is now more seen used in human situations. It is used in areas where people need to be kept in places, such as prisons or other penal institutions. Looped coils of barbed wire or razor wire is often seen at the top of the fence surrounding the area. Barbed wire acts as a great barrier to anyone thinking of fleeing from the area. These days tattoo lovers have grown fond of barbed wire tattoos, because of the different symbolic meanings attached to it. Now that we have read about barbed wire tattoo history, in this article, we will read more in details about barbed wire tattoos ideas and designs.

What do Barbed Wire Tattoos Mean

Barbed wire tattoos have become popular because of its association with strength and tough attitudes. It is also known for being extremely strong and prickly, hence a tattoo like a barbed wire shows that the person is also very strong and prickly. Bikers prefer barbed wire tattoo designs and it is often seen on the upper arms of the biker men and women, as it shows physical as well as inner strength. There are some people who choose to get this tattoo because of its association with the Wild Wild West.

Barbed Wire Tattoo Ideas

Barbed wire tattoos for girls and guys are chain patterned tattoo designs, which are made on the triceps and biceps of men to enhance the beauty of the tattoo and give it a sturdy look. In a barbed wire tattoo, you will come across two types of tattoo designs. One is the intertwined barbed wire and the other is the spiked barbed wire. If you are fond of Western theme tattoos, then you can choose to combine a barbed wire tattoo with cow skull or horse tattoo with a cowboy theme. Bikers opt for barbed wire tattoo along with flames. A barbed wire tattoo can be combined with a heart tattoo and flames. Have the barbed entangled around the heart and flames surrounding the heart and barbed wire. You can also choose to combine other designs with a barbed wire wrapped around the design, for example, a rose and barbed wire tattoo. Different designs can also be drawn using barbed wire designs. The tattoo can be a simple continuous barbed wire tattoo or it can be combined with chains of flames at regular intervals. Barbed wire tattoos for girls are delicate designs, so that they do not lose their raw look, yet look feminine.

Location of Barbed Wire Tattoos

Although barbed wire tattoos are largely found upon the upper arm as arm bands, these intriguing tattoos can also be located on other areas of the body. Wrist barbed wire tattoos are very common and they certainly do make for elegant tattoo designs. Previously, employees were discouraged from getting wrist barbed wire tattoos, so as not to spoil relations with their employer, but the trend is fast changing. Apart from the wrist tattoos, you can choose to get barbed wire tattoos made on the back. Since the back provides for a broad expanse of canvas to make a tattoo, it is a preferred location. People use barbed wire tattoo on the back to cover some sort of symbol existing there. Barbed wire tattoos can also extend from one shoulder to another, or from one's neck to just above the bottom. The fans of barbed wire necklace tattoo are increasing in number with each passing day. It can also become a waist band tattoo. An anklet made of barbed wire tattoo is also a great design.

If you have decided to get barbed wire tattoos, talk to the tattoo artist and you may be able to come up with an interesting tattoo design. You can also be creative and come with a unique combination along with the barbed wire tattoo. Once you have decided on a design, you can get a temporary tattoo made, and if you are sure, then get a permanent tattoo made, as tattoo removal is an extremely painful process. At the same time, on some areas it is extremely painful to get a tattoo made, but no pain, no gain!
By Bhakti Satalkar
Last Updated: 10/4/2011
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