Basketball Hoop Height

There is nothing more inspiring than a slam dunk that covers up the entire basketball hoop. Though the slam dunk is a privileged move of the taller players, every basketball player must be aware of the hoop height and the skill required to shoot some killer baskets.
The New England winter of 1891, was long and boring. Dr. James Naismith, an instructor of physical fitness at International Young Men's Christian Association Training School, was trying to come up with various ideas to keep his class physically fit. It was certainly not an easy task considering the cold and slushy grounds outside and stuffy gyms inside the building. After considerable deliberation, trial, error, suggestions and injury form rough play, Dr. Naismith nailed a peach basket up a 10 feet high track, and wrote some general basketball rules, thus beginning the noble game of basketball. Incidentally some of the rules of basketball were derived from a medieval children's game 'Duck on a Rock'

What is the Height of a Basketball Hoop

The height of basketball hoop, in the early games was described to be around 10 feet, which is equal to about, 3.05 meters. This height has been maintained by almost all basket association in not only the United States but also in many countries all across the world. The NBA (National Basketball Association) official basketball hoop height is also 10 feet. In official games of NBA, high schools and other national and international level associations, the height remains 10 feet (equivalent to 120 inches or 3.05 meters).

The height of 10 feet is measured perpendicularly from the ground to the rim of the hoop. The diameter of the hoop, is 18 inches and the distance between the backboard and the rim is 6 inches. There are some courts for kids that have a height of 8 feet or 6 feet. But believe it or not American kids, their parents and even their coaches believe in the traditional height of 10 feet, after all it is an undying tradition.

You will naturally start adjusting all your shots according to the height of the hoop. A developed judgment about the height will help you get a successful, hoop shot, jump shot, a lay-up and the famous slam dunk. So just go and stand under the basket for a few moments and gauge the hoop height. Then take up the ball, dribble and go straight for a dunk.
By Scholasticus K
Published: 5/22/2010
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