Bathed In Her Evening Smile

Simply love.
She held my hand and wished me well,
Bathed me in her evening smile,
Cast me adrift in her clear blue eyes,
To be washed ashore on her evening tide.

The night was warm, it belonged to her,
She liked to share, my opinion concurred,
She veiled me in her soft twilight,
While our shadows danced in candlelight.

The room, adorned in candy carnations,
Seemed to melt at her instigation,
And fade out to a faraway background,
To leave us composed in the night's compound.

The music I heard was blessedly tranquil,
Calm as the sigh of a lover's spell,
Cast upon the wish of a heart's content,
Endorsed by the purest consent.

A mutual feeling of ambient praise,
A moment to share, an amorous embrace,
The softest lips, the sweetest kiss,
The felicity of perfect bliss.

I felt the purity of her heartbeat then,
Drum its tattoo into mine,
I surrendered to her most tender assault,
Yielded my heart and ceded my soul.

Now I feel the sanctuary of her bosom,
Nourished by the love of her illusion,
Lost in a dream, so warm and peaceful,
Forever bathed in her evening smile.
Published: 7/25/2012
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