Battle of the Hearts - Chapter 9

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"Any plans for today?" I ask as Harry joins me for breakfast Saturday morning.
He smiles, picking up his toast and spreading jelly over it, "Well, I've got a meeting in two hours. If it finishes on time, I'll come back home before heading to the club, otherwise I'll go straight there. I'm having lunch with the guys, we'll hit a couple of holes, kill some time."

"Oh. Okay." Put off, I look down at my coffee, squashing my disappointment. I was hoping we'd do something together this weekend. "Will you be home for dinner?"
Maybe we can go out to eat. There's that new place on Paddington that I want to try.
"Yeah, probably," he replies, engrossed in the paper.

Rolling my eyes, I get to my feet and leave the kitchen. This guy is ridiculous and if I bring it up, he's just going to throw back the fact that we went for a movie which I wanted to watch last time. So shoot me that I want to spend time with my boyfriend. Inconsiderate jerk.

I spend the entire day sitting at home. Alisha and Luke are gone to her parents' place for the weekend and I'm too embarrassed to call William. He probably has plans of his own. Anyone else will question where Harry is.

I could go shopping. Max out Harry's credit card. But that would just be spiteful. So it's just me and the telly and laptop.

I'm an utter mess by the time evening rolls around. I've cried my eyes out over the movie PS I Love You and I'm starving. I just can't be bothered to get up and make something.


Harry returns around eight. He tries to talk to me, but I'm still pissed off, so I pretend I'm busy and he goes for his shower.

"Donna! Your phone's ringing!"
"Coming," setting my laptop aside, I hurry into our bedroom. I smile, pleased for the first time all day, when I see William's name.
"Hi. Look out of your lounge window."
"What? Why?" I literally skip over to the lounge and pulling back the drapes, look down. "Is that your car?!" I gasp, making out his profile from the street lamps.
"Yup and waiting to take you for a ride."
"I'll be down in two."
"I'll be waiting."

"Where are you going?" Harry asks as I enter our room.
"Out. William's just got his car and he's waiting downstairs."
"And I'm not invited?" He asks, teasingly.
I shrug, "He promised me the first ride."
"I just got home Donna." His voice is more serious this time and I feel an edge of resentment, I haven't before.

"And?" I turn to him, slipping on my ballerinas. "What do you want me to do about it? Stay back? I've been stuck in this flat all day, no thanks to you. I wanted nothing more than to spend some quality time with you but your plans with your friends were more important!"
"Why didn't you say something?" He asks, baffled.
"I don't have to tell you." Fighting the tears threatening to spill, I walk up to him and press my finger to his chest. "It should come from here."


Grabbing my phone and handbag, I leave Harry where he's standing. I take the stairs, taking the time to calm myself down.

William's leaning back against his new car, his arms folded. In the dim light, I make out his leather jacket, his hair ruffled, and faded jeans.

God, he is sexy. Seeing his smile, I automatically relax.

"Hey!" He grins and holds up his arms, asking for a hug.

Smiling back, I slip into his arms and take in a deep breath, my mouth going dry at his scent. "Hey."

I pull back and he studies my face, frowning. "You alright?" Reaching up, he twirls a lock of my hair around his finger.

"Yeah!" Not wanting to dampen the mood and remembering Harry and that he might be watching, I take a step back and look at his car. "Wow! How does it feel, having your dream car?" I ask, running my hand down the shiny hood, walking around the low, black sports car.
"Oh, incredible," he grins, his delight clearly showing. "Ready? You'll be the first one sitting in after me."
"Let's rock and roll."

I shoot him a smile as he pulls open the door and gestures for me to get in. "Madam."
Laughing, I slide inside as elegantly as I can. Which isn't that high a bar, "Must have cost a bomb!"
He glances at me as he pulls on his seat belt, "Yeah. But it's so totally worth it."

After glancing at me one last time, he turns the key and the engine purrs to life and I watch as the smile spreads across his lips. His eyes are sparkling and he's like a kid with a new toy. Which, in a way, he actually is.

"How are you?" He asks as we shoot down the road.
"Fantastic. You?"
He grins, "Same. Had dinner?"
"Nope. I'm starving."
"What would you like?"
I shrug, settling down in my seat, "Anything."
"Sandwiches alright?"

"Everything looks different from down here." I muse as the neighborhoods flash by us.
"Wait till we hit downtown."

I feel relaxed and happy. The drive is silent, but it's comfortable. Turning my head, I look over the leather seats and interior of the car. With the lights on all the panels turned on and the tinted windows, it's like we're in our own little world.

My eyes trail over to William and I watch him silently. His hair is pushed to the side and he needs to shave, but the stubble looks alluring.

"Do you want to turn on the radio?" He asks, pulling me out of my daydream. His eyes don't move from the road, so he doesn't see my blush, thank goodness. "My CDs are still at home."
"In the box near the front door, I know," I complete for him.

He laughs softly, glancing at me. "I should kidnap you and take you home, so you can look after me."
"Don't be so sexist."
He chuckles, deep and rich. "I'm not. I'm just saying." He winks at me with a cheeky grin.
William stops at a place and buys a couple of sandwiches.
"You strapped in?" He asks, pulling on his seat belt.
"Yeah, why?" I shoot him a curious look.

He grins mischievously and presses a button. I glance up as the top fold back, "Hold on tight."

I only have the chance to take in a breath before he presses on the gas. My gasp is lost in the breeze as the car shoots down the empty road. William presses down on the horn as he passes deserted streets, warning any oncoming cars.

Pressed back to my seat by the speed and wind, I watch everything fly by us. It's exhilarating, but at the same time sort of worrying.

The quiet neighborhoods disappear as he drives past the city outskirts. I turn to look at William and he looks like he's having the time of his life. Both hands on the wheel, he quickly twists it to the side and the tires screech, making the abrupt turn.

A few minutes later, he starts slowing down and takes a dirt path. We drive through trees before coming into a clearing.

I gasp, taking in the sight. It almost looks unreal. There's a small lake ahead of us, the moonlight glinting against the water.

"It's beautiful," I murmur.

William turns to me, turning off the engine, "Did you enjoy the ride?"
I laugh, looking at how excited he is, "Something I'm never going to forget."
His expression dims down a bit, "I didn't scare you right?"
"Who? Me?" I ask, raising my eyebrows.
He chuckles, "Come on."

He grabs the sandwiches and I follow him as he gets out. Closing the door behind me, I follow him around to the front of the car.
"The ground's going to be cold and wet," he says, looking around.
Slipping my foot out of my ballerinas, I feel the ground right in front of the car, where we're standing, "It's fine here."
"But I haven't got anything to sit on."

I shrug, lowering myself down and leaning my back against the car. "It's fine. Come on." Smiling, he sits down beside me. "Worried about getting those Armani jeans dirty?" I tease.
He raises an eyebrow, "I was thinking about you, love."
"If that drive didn't kill me, I'm sure I'll survive sitting on the ground."
He chuckles, "So you were scared."
"Was not!"

William hands me a sandwich and then leans back against his car, unwrapping his. It's quiet as we both eat, sounds of crickets and the cold wind rustling through the leaves fairly relaxing compared to the normal city rush.

"That's for you," he places the bag in my lap.
I pull out another sandwich, dropping my empty wrapper in, "I can't have it all."
"We'll share."
"Okay," I watch as he leans back again, closing his eyes and lifting his face up to the breeze. I hold back my hand, resisting the unrelenting urge to run my fingers through his hair.
"Do you like them?" He asks suddenly and I pull myself out of my daydream and watch as he sits up and turns to me.
"Yup. They're delicious." Leaning closer, I hold the sandwich up to his mouth. "Open up."

Smiling, William takes a bite and I nibble on it as he chews and swallows. Removing the last of the wrapper from the half left, I hold it up to him.

As he leans in to take the last bite, I deliberately move my hand away. He raises his eyes, an amused smile playing on his lips as he leans in again, misses again as I pull it away, laughing. William catches a hold of my hand, his long fingers slowly circling my wrists and my blood starts to pump hot and fast. Holding my hand and keeping his eyes locked on mine, he leans forward and takes the last bite. I watch, frozen, as he chews and swallows. His eyes leave mine for less than a second before encasing me in their hold as he leans in again. It just takes a moment for me to realize that there's sauce smeared on my fingertips before he closes his mouth over them. My stomach does a slow roll, my heart getting lodged in my throat as I watch his hair and feel his tongue sliding along and between my fingers.

Good God.

He pulls back, eyes burning into mine, and runs his tongue over his lips.
"You're right. Delicious," he says, his voice low.
"Yeah," blushing, heart pounding, I pull my hand back and get to my feet, clearing my throat. "Let me just get some kleenex from my bag."

I've calmed my breathing down by the time I sit down beside him again and we fall into silence. Sighing, I gaze at the lake, pulling my knees up and resting my chin on my arms. I've got so much crap waiting for me when I get home.


"What's wrong?" William's voice is soft in the still night.
I shake my head, refusing to look away from the water, "Nothing."
"Donna, I know something is bothering you. I felt it, saw it, the moment you walked out. What's wrong, Donna?"

I turn my face away, pushing back my tears. Which is ridiculous. There's no reason for me to cry, even if William's voice is oddly comforting, reassuring. Warm.
I try to sniffle quietly, but it's too silent and he hears.

"Hey, hey," William moves over and sits in front of me, his hands coming around my face and turning it towards him. He's startled for a moment, seeing my tears, "Donna, what's wrong?" He brushes his thumbs across my cheeks. "Please don't cry."

I try to look away, embarrassed, but he doesn't let me budge, his eyes searching my face. "Was it me? Did I do something wrong? Say something wrong?" I shake my head, unable to speak and blink, trying to get rid of my tears. William brushes his fingers over my eyes, clearing them. "Is it your Aunt? You miss her." I hesitate before shaking my head. He studies me before asking slowly, "Is it Harry?" Hearing his name, I drop my gaze to my lap and my tears fall freely. A sob escapes before I can trap it and William takes in a sharp breath, his arms coming around me and pulling me in for a tight hug. "Donna, please." His voice is strained as I cry, my face buried in his shirt. His arms just tighten around me as the moments pass and I start to calm down. When I try to pull back, William refuses to let go. "What did he do?" His voice is low, but with an edge of steel that I did not expect.


He allows me to pull back just a bit and I look up at him. "Donna, you wouldn't be crying if he didn't do anything. What did he do?"

I sniffle, rubbing my eyes, "Nothing. That's just it William, he never does anything!" William reaches over and grabs the bottle of water, unscrewing the lid and holding it to my lips. "Thank you." I say softly, glancing down.
"Okay. What is it that he doesn't do?"
"Like today. I just wanted to spend some time with him, but he was out with his friends all day. He got back just an half hour before you called and made a big deal about me coming. I was stuck at home all day by myself!"
"Why didn't you call me?" He asks gently, tucking my hair back.

I shrug, "I didn't want to trouble you."
"Donna, you wouldn't be! We're friends now, aren't we? But-" he hesitates, his eyes narrowing. "You fought with him?"
"More of an argument."
"Over me! Once again. He already loathes me, Donna. Maybe we shouldn't push it. I know how important he is to you."
"But it isn't your fault! It's his!"
"I know. But he doesn't seem to trust me. If I had such a beautiful girlfriend, I wouldn't want her going out with other guys either." William says, rubbing his hands over my arms.

The shiver that rolls through is purely from the cold, I tell myself, "But you would trust me. You'd spend time with me, wouldn't you?"
"Without a doubt. Have you talked about it with him?"
"Time and again."
He gazes at me, running a finger across my cheek, "What do you want to do?"
"I don't know." Leaning forward, I drop my head down to his chest, my hand resting beside me.

William's arms come around me and I relax as he holds me close. It's been so long since I've leaned on anyone, been held for comfort.

"You know, your aunt once told me that life's full of tests and that the test of love is the hardest. Maybe this is just a phase you have to get through. Let's hope he understands after today."
Yeah, right. The day Harry understands, I don't know what I'll do.

"You okay?"
"Yeah, just..." I trail away, blushing and I'm about to pull back when his arms around me tighten.
"Gotcha. Relax." William rests his chin on my head and I close my eyes, listening to the beat of his heart against my forehead.
"I'm sorry," I pull back and muster up a smile. "I shouldn't have landed this on you."
He shakes his head. "Nonsense. We're friends, you're supposed to."
"Thank you."
He looks horrified, "Would you thank Alisha if she were here?"
"Guess not."
"So don't thank me!" He hesitates then looks up from beneath his eyelashes, making my heart skip a beat. "Unless you don't really consider me as your friend."
I gasp, staring at him, "Of course I do! I wouldn't be spilling my guts to you if I didn't, would I?"
"Hm, guess now." Leaning forward, he tucks my hair behind my ear. "You're very lucky Donna."

I roll my eyes, "How exactly? I lost my parents when I was a child. A few months ago my last living relative, the woman who brought me up, died as well. I've got a boyfriend who's got issues he refuses to acknowledge and I think I'm starting to lose my mind."

William holds up my hand, lifting one of my fingers as he speaks, "You've got Alisha and Luke, two amazing friends, you're in New York and for someone who started out alone, you've done a fantastic job. You've got people who love you, you're beautiful, lovable, and everything a girl could ever want and somewhere along the list, you've got me as a friend."

"Right next to Alisha and Luke," I murmur.

William's smile is soft, "Come on, let's get you home."

He gets to his feet and pulls me up. The drive home is silent. He's got the top up and although he zips along the roads, we're in our own cocoon. He parks by the side of my building.

"Thanks for tonight."
William shrugs, "Hey, what are friends for?"
"I'm sorry I killed the mood. We were supposed to be celebrating your car."
He rolls his eyes, "It's alright Donna. It's a car."
"The one you've been saving years to buy."
"Still just a car. You're more important."
"Thank you."
"Stop saying that."
I bite my lip, "I'm sorry."

He grins, "Stop saying that as well." When I just watch him, he smiles. "Can I have a hug?"

Smiling, I step up towards him and literally melt in his arms as he holds me close. I greedily take in his scent as he squeezes me tight.

He pulls back, still holding me against, and I look up at him. His face is just breathes away from mine and with my heart already pounding, looking into his eyes, makes it sprint.

His lips part and I'm entranced completely as he leans in. His lips are soft, gentle as they brush over mine and with a strangled moan, I reach up and pull him closer, his silky locks just slipping through my fingers.

Never in my life have I been kissed like this.

His arms are tight bands around me, his mouth moving and fitting over mine so perfectly. My knees weaken and keeping one arm firmly around me, he tilts my face up. As my lips part, he slides his tongue into my mouth and I open my eyes. Seeing that his eyes are locked on our lips brings another thrill.

If I had any idea that William was such a won-
That William.
Oh shit.
Gasping I pull back and my hand flies up to my lips.
Oh bloody hell.

William looks shell-shocked, his eyes wide, "Donna, I'm so sorry!" He untangles himself from me and steps back.

It allows me to clear my head and I take in another shaky breath. "I didn't do it on purpose. I didn't plan it. I swear! I'd never do such a thing to you."

I nod slowly, "I know." Blinking rapidly, I see the worry on his face, "We're both at fault. I reciprocated."

I rub my hand over my forehead. "It's alright, William. Let's just forget about it."
He nods quickly, "Yeah. Let's..." He takes in a deep breath, "just forget it."


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