Battle of the Hearts - Chapter 2

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*Donna's POV*

"So, how was it?" Alisha asks as she speeds through the traffic, trying to get off the airport highway before the traffic gets any worse.
I settle down in the seat next to her, completely spent after that tiring flight. "It went... smoothly. Considering everything."
She reaches out and squeezes my arm. "I wish I'd been there with you."
"It's alright. It's the thought that counts."
"Speaking of... Have you called Harry?"
"No," Sighing, I reach for my handbag to get my phone.
"Did he call you at all?"
"Yeah. Twice." During the whole week, I'd gotten two phone calls from him.
Alisha doesn't comment; she doesn't need to. She and Harry don't really... how do I put this? ...they don't get along. The only reason she puts up with him is because he's my boyfriend and her boyfriend, Luke's, close friend.

When I get home, the apartment's empty.
You know, after an exhausting trip, especially one where you've just buried someone who means the world to you, you'd expect the person you love to be waiting at home, if not picking you up from the airport.
My irritation is increasing by the second as I walk around the apartment.
But it's empty.
Unpacking my bag, I head into the washroom and take a long shower. Drying my hair, I change into pajamas and climb into bed.

I'm so tired.
At some point, I feel two arms come around me and unconsciously snuggle back. But it's like I've just been pushed off the bed because I wake up with a start, realizing that it was a wrong move encouraging him.

Moving back, I sit up and turn to him, my eyes accusing.
"What's wrong?" He asks slowly.
"What's wrong? You know I would have loved it if you were home? It showed how important I was, thank you very much."
"No, I'm honestly not in the mood to hear it." Getting out of bed, I grab my pillow and pull the blanket off of him and head to the lounge.

But I can't sleep anymore. It must be the time difference and jet lag, so walking into the kitchen I make myself a bowl of cereal.
I'm curled up on the couch when the tears start. I guess it just starts to sink in that I'm alone for the first time. No sympathetic friends or helpful neighbors. So I let them come, properly mourning my aunt for the first time.
I can't believe she's gone.
The person's who's taken care of me since I was three.
Who's scolded me, listened to me and loved me.
I miss her already.

I slowly open my eyes and peer at Harry, the sunlight pouring into the room, giving me a headache.
"You going to work love?"
"Yeah." I sit up, running a hand through my hair and closing my eyes. They're so heavy.
Maybe all that crying wasn't a good idea.
Harry's already dressed for work and he watches me as I stand up.

"Yeah?" I turn to him, neither frowning nor smiling. I'm too exhausted for emotions.
"I'm sorry sweetheart. I just thought you would like some quality time with Alisha. I didn't think it through. It was really horrible of me."
"It's alright." I sigh.
He steps up to me and I let him pull me in for a hug. Pulling back, he kisses my forehead. "I'll make it up to you, I promise."
"Good. I'm looking forward to it." I smile, pulling back. "Let me go get dressed."
"Yeah. I'll get breakfast ready."

I look up as there's a knock at my door, expecting it to be my secretary with another load of work for me, but see Alisha leaning in the doorway.
"Hey." I put my pen down, leaning back in my chair. "What's up?"
"Just thought I'd drop in."
It's past ten when I get home. Dinner's ready on the table, the kitchen's clean and a peek in the living room shows that the blanket and pillow I'd left this morning are gone. Smiling, I walk into our bedroom, dropping my bag full of papers by the door. Harry's in the shower, his suit coat hanging on the chair by the window. There's a single rose lying on my pillow with a note.

I love you.
Forgive me please?

"Hey. You're home."
I turn around to see him standing by the doorway, a towel low on his waist. Water's dripping from his hair down his back. Smiling, I step up to him and pull him into a hug.
He hugs me back, holding me close.
"I missed you." I murmur.
"I missed you too," pulling back he kisses my forehead. "Nothing's the same around here without you Don. Especially me."
I smile, running my fingers through his wet hair. "Come on, get dressed. Dinner smells divine."
"You saw that?" He shoots me a smile, walking over to the wardrobe and pulling out some clothes.
"Yup. And I'm salivating."
"Let's go eat then," He pulls a shirt over his head and towel dries his hair before following me out of the bedroom.

"Harry." I comb my fingers through his hair, sitting on the edge of the bed. We'd both gone to bed late last night, completely spent after Harry's 'making up'. I'm not exactly sure how I was able to drag myself out of bed an hour earlier to get ready for work.
"Harry, wake up hun."
"Mm." He stirs, turning toward me. Reaching out, he wraps an arm around my waist.
"Don't pull me back into bed please. I'm dressed for work."
He groans before slowly opening his eyes. "What time is it?"
He sits up, running a hand through his hair. "You leaving now?"
I nod, "In a few."
"Okay. Lemme just get freshened up." He drops a kiss on my cheek before disappearing into the washroom.

I make the bed and then pick up our clothes from last night and dump them onto the chair. Making sure my phone's charging, I go to the kitchen and start on breakfast for Harry.
As I kiss Harry goodbye something at the back of my head gives me the funny feeling that something's not right. But I just shake it off.
Out on the sidewalk, I fall into the daily routine of dodging people as they hurry to work. I reach the tube just in time and swiping my metro pass, hurry into the subway and fall into the last empty seat. Settling down for the fifteen-minute ride to work, I stare out of my window.
And for the first time since the funeral, William's face flashes through my mind.

"Give it back!" I scream at the top of my lungs at the boy standing in front of me.
I'd been happily playing by myself in my garden when he'd come and snatched my teddy bear. "Wi-am give it back!"
"Say please." He grins.
"Say I'm the best."
"I'm the best." I reply, trying to snatch it back from him.
"No," he frowns, "say 'William is the best'."
"No!" Even at the age of six, I had enough pride to know I was not going to say that whatever happened.
"Then too bad." He grins and I watch as my most prized possession went flying through the air. William catches it at the last moment before it hits the ground.

"Donna Wesley!" My Aunt calls, standing by the front door. "What on earth is going on?"
"He stole Sir Humphrey!"
She turns to him and smiles. "Hello William."
"Good afternoon Mrs. T. How are you?" William greets my Aunt, a charmer ever at the age of seven.
"I'm wonderful, thank you. Now what's this about teddy?"
"He stole him!" I whine, stamping my foot.
"She dropped it. I was just getting it for her."
"No! He took it from me!" I exclaim.
"Donna, please. Just say thank you to William. You have to come inside now anyway."
I glare at him as I snatch my bear back. "Thank you." I snap.

I'm pull out of my daydream as the tube comes to a stop. Grabbing my bag, I make my way off.
That's how it's always been with William. You'd think it was just a childish thing he had against me, but no. All through elementary and high school, he picked on me, teased and embarrassed me relentlessly. I only had a year of peace and that was after he had graduated.
Even then when he had gone, it just felt weird.
Almost like I missed him.
Which I so didn't.
Definitely not.

It was just that he was always there since I was small, so it took me a while to realize he wasn't going to be around.
Yup, that's it.
I shake my head as I walk to my office.
Why the hell am I thinking about him?
"Hey." I greet the receptionist and chat with her for a few minutes before heading up to my office.

Lawrence, my boss, walks into my office, a folder in his hand.
I straighten up, tucking my hair behind my ear. "Lawrence. How are you?"
He nods, taking a seat by my desk. "Good. How are you doing?"
"Fine thanks."
"How's everything at home?"
I nod, smiling. "It's good. Thanks."
He gives me a brief smile. "That's good. How's the McLean deal coming along?"
I pull out a file and brief him on the progress. Half an hour later when he leaves, I let out a relieved sigh. After going through all my work in progress, had told me I'd be getting another deal next week.
Which means that he is, hopefully, impressed with my work.

Two hours later, I'm busy clearing my desk, ready to leave when there's a knock at my door.
"Come in."
I look up to see Alisha walk into my office. She grins, closing the door behind her.
"How are you? How's it going?"
I smile. "Good. Great. You?"
"Same. Any plans for tonight?"
"Didn't have anything until you walked through that door. I'm sure you've got something in mind."
She laughs, sitting down on the edge of my desk. "Let's go out for a few drinks? You, me, Harry and Luke."
I shrug,"I'm up for it, but I'll have to check with Harry."
She grins, "He'll agree. Dress up, yeah? Let's have some fun tonight."
"We have work tomorrow, Lisa."
"I know! Nothing too crazy I promise!"

I adjust the strap of my dark blue dress as I slide out of the cab. Harry and I had opted for a cab instead of taking his car, not sure if we'd be in a state to drive later in the night.
Harry takes my hand, linking his fingers with mine.
"You look beautiful." His warm breath tickles my ear.
I look up at him. "Thanks."
He brushes his lips across mine. "Anytime."
We walk into the club, hand in hand, the music greeting us before we even step inside. I spot Alisha immediately as she gets up and waves at us from where she's seated.

She pulls me into a hug. "Hey! Hi Harry."
He smiles, "Hey Alisha. Luke!"
"Let me get you ladies a drink." Luke gets to his feet and after taking our orders, he and Harry head over to the bar.

"I'm just gonna rest for a bit." Harry whispers in my ear. Nodding, I shoot him a smile and continue dancing with Alisha and Luke.
Much later, Alisha and I leave the dance floor and head over to the guys.
"What would you guys like?" I ask, not wanting to sit down just yet. I'm too much on a hype.
"I'd like a beer." Luke answers.
"Me too."
"Me three." Alisha sits down beside Luke.
It takes me a few minutes to catch the barman's attention but once I do, I order four beers and sit down on a stool while I wait.

"Thanks!" I slide a note toward him as he places the four glasses in front of me.
"I hope you're not planning on drinking all of that on your own."
My heart stops as I hear the all too familiar deep voice behind me.
I slowly turn around to see William standing behind me. My eyes move over him, taking in the pink shirt, top button loosening his collar, his sleeves rolled up to his elbows, and black pants. His usual messy light brown hair is neat.

"William!" I exclaim, truly lost for words.
He grins. "Fancy seeing you here."
I stare at him, shocked. "What are you doing here?"
"Got a job offer I couldn't refuse."
"Over here?" I ask stupidly.
Please say no.
"Yup. Flew in last night."
I hold back my groan. The one place I've been free of his teasing and taunting and he turns up.

Oh God, I'm going to have to move.
His eyes slowly move over me before he looks up and meets my eyes. In that moment, I feel exposed. My heart starts hammering in my chest.
"Let me help you with those."
"No, it's alright. I ca-"
He shakes his head, "You won't be able to carry all four glasses by yourself without spilling some on that sexy dress."
My cheeks heat up but I don't think he notices in the club's dim lighting. Taking two glasses, I lead him to our table.

Alisha's the first to look up as I near them. She smiles at me before her eyes move behind my shoulder. Her eyes back on my face, she raises an eyebrow.
Harry glances up and his eyes immediately zero in on William.
Oh boy, this is going to be interesting.
I smile, placing the glasses on the table.
"Look who I bumped into!"
William steps up beside me and places the drinks down.
"Hello." William smiles.
Alisha leans forward. "Hi!"
"Guys, this is William. He... he's a... friend" I cough around the word, trying not to laugh.
Friend. Right.
"From London. William, my boyfriend Harry." I watch as William looks him over before extending his hand.

"Alisha, my best friend."
"Pleasure to meet you Alisha." He smiles
Lisha grins. Uh oh. "Same here."
"And Alisha's boyfriend, Luke."
"Hey mate." Luke takes William's hand.
Alisha stands up from her place. "Why don't you join us?"
Please say no. Please say no.
"Sure." He slides into where she was sitting as she sits down beside me.
"Hot." Alisha murmurs to me as she reaches for her drink. "Can I get you anything William?"
He shakes his head, "No thanks. I'm fine."

"So, how do you know our Donna?" Luke asks.
William's eyes lock on mine for a fraction of a second before he turns to Luke, glancing at Harry.
"We've had our fun in the past." He answers, smirking.
Harry, next to me, stiffens and cursing William, I speak up.
"Grew up together as neighbors Luke. He spent his entire childhood trying to irritate the hell out of me."
"And I succeeded." He turns his eyes on me.
My mouth goes dry as he watches me. Taking a sip of my drink, I shake my head. "Yeah. In your dreams."

"Are you just visiting New York?" Harry asks, speaking to William for the first time since greeting him.
"No, moving here actually. I... got an offer I couldn't turn around." He catches me frowning and gets distracted for a second, his expression dimming. "Uh-sorry?" He turns to Luke as Luke asks him something.
"Wanna go dance?" I ask Harry as my favorite song starts playing.
"Sure. Let's go." He drains his glass and then stands up, taking my hand.
As we dance, I glance over Harry's shoulder, feeling eyes on me and sure enough catch William watching. He glances away a second later and laughs as Alisha says something to him.

"Where have you been hiding him all this time?" Alisha asks as I enter the ladies room behind her.
"Who?" I ask purposely.
She leans against the wall. "William of course. He is so hot!" She pretends to fan her face.
"Is he now?" I ask, washing my hands. "I wonder what Luke would think about that."
She chuckles, "Not for me of course! Nobody can beat my Lukey for me."
I gaze at her through the mirror. "Then who?"
Her lips curve into a smile I know all too well.
"For anyone who's interested."


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This story is only in Donna's POV at least for ten chapters, that's how much I've written up to... There might be another perspective, but I think I'm going to keep it with Donna's Point of View. Hope you enjoy!
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