Battle of the Hearts - Chapter 4

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I snuggle back into Harry's arms, closing my eyes. He presses his lips to my neck. "Ready to wake up?"

Harry chuckles, pulling me closer. He leans over me and turns my face towards his and kisses my forehead. "Well, I'm going to get freshened up."

As he leaves, I pull the blanket around me, getting comfortable. It's Sunday morning - actually it's almost afternoon and I'm still in bed, lazing around after a late night. I reach for my phone on the night stand and see I haven't got any calls or messages.

Once Harry's out, I freshen up and then head into the kitchen for a light brunch. Harry hands me my coffee and I perch on a stool and watch him.
"Want to go out for dinner?" He asks, glancing up at me.
I shrug, a smile tugging at my lips. "Sure. Where you taking me?"
He chuckles, "Excited are you? You'll just have to wait and see."
"Oh come on Harry." I pout.
He grins, "Not a chance." He drops a kiss on my forehead before heading to the living room to watch TV.

I sit at the counter, sipping my coffee and eating a muffin. My mind wanders and somehow I find myself thinking about when Harry and I had just started dating. I set my cup down as I remember all the things we used to do. All the movies, picnics in the park, late night drives.

A wistful sigh escapes my lips before I notice.
Where has that spark gone?
Has living together put a curb on that excitement?
We hardly ever spend any time together anymore, except when we eat at home or when we're in bed.
Shaking my head, I drain my cup and get to my feet.
Well, he's taking you out tonight, so suck it up.
Not everything is always perfect.

I wear a cute red dress that falls till my knees paired with sparkly black heels. When Harry takes me out it's always fancy. Unless it's a last minute plan, then we usually stop by a fast food joint. We go to a Mexican restaurant since we both love spicy food.

The evening passes by fairly well, the conversation light and easy. We got to a bar after, for a few drinks and when we get home, some of that passion I was remembering has returned. Well, okay, not passion exactly. More like lust, but I'm enjoying the attention too much to care.

Five minutes after, we've entered our apartment, I'm pressed against the wall, my arms wrapped around his head, our tongues busy battling it out when there's a knock at the door. I groan from beneath Harry's lips and he pulls away, chuckling, his hair fairly messed up. I straighten up and run my fingers through my hair as Harry glances through the peephole and then pulls open the door, smiling.

Who could it be at this time? If he's smiling, then it's probably Luke.
"Hey man! How's it going?" He says, shaking hands with someone.
Definitely a guy.
I glance down and make sure I'm presentable, tugging my dress down a bit.
"Super, thanks." Oh no. I'd know that thick British accent Anywhere. "Am I intruding?"
Yes! I want to yell, swallowing and pushing my heart back down my throat.
"Oh no. Not at all. Come on in." Harry says, always the gracious host. He glances over his shoulder. "Sweetheart, guess who's here?"
I paste a fake smile on my face. "Who?"

He steps back, grinning. William enters and looks up as he does, his eyes instantly locking onto mine from under his mop of brown hair. Resisting the urge to roll my eyes, I force a smile. "Hey William."
"Hi." His eyes slowly trail down my dress, lingering longer than necessary on my legs before he looks up, his lips curling into his trademark smirk. "You sure you're not busy?" He turns and asks Harry.

The moron shakes his head, leading the even bigger moron into the living room. "I'm sure."
Groaning out loud, I go to my room and change into my pajamas, a strappy top and capris. Washing all the makeup off, I braid my hair and then finally head to the living room.

Not that it looks like I was really missed.

The guys are talking about football and so I plop down on the single couch and flip through the channels on the telly, hoping for something to watch. It doesn't surprise me that William's so full of facts of all the teams Harry names.

He was the star player in our school.
Wasn't he offered a full football scholarship at some prestigious college?
I feel his eyes on me when Harry excuses himself and leaves the room. I ignore him at first but then turn and glare at him.

I watch as he smiles, obviously pleased at my reaction. "Have I ever told you how incredibly sexy you look when you glare at me?" I pointedly look away from him, making him chuckle, "and those pajamas..." He trails away with a low whistle.

"Need I remind you that it's my boyfriend you've been talking to?"
"Yeah, which reminds me. Why are you even pretending to be in love with that gut?" He asks curiously.
"Excuse me?!" I turn to him, shocked, "I'm not pretending! And it's none of your damn business."
"True." He shrugs, "I just don't want you to end up with the wrong guy."
"What? You think I should be dating you?" I throw at him, furious.
He raises his eyebrows, grinning. "We could give it a try."
"Not everyone's in love with you William Crawford!"
"Trust me, I know that all too well."

Turning back to the TV and turn up the volume to drown out his voice.
"Wo how's your family back home? They must miss you." Harry asks, taking his seat moments later.
"Not much, I'm afraid. I've only got my parents. It's another thing Don and I have in common, we're only children. No siblings."
"What about your girlfriend?"
My ears perk up as he answers.
Not that I care obviously.
"Haven't got one."
I snort, "He uses the term girlfriend very loosely. Girls are more of an accessory for William." I put it.
"What did you do to make my girlfriend so bitter?" Harry chuckles.
William shoots me an amused look, which I return with a glare. "I haven't got the slightest clue."


"He had no right to say that!"
Alisha chuckles, "He didn't! But he's got a point."
I stare at her, shocked. "You're taking his side?!"
"I'm not taking side, Don. I'm saying this with only your best interests at heart. I know you love Harry. But does he? At least as much as you?"
"What are you saying?" I ask, staring at my best friend, completely shaken.
What is she talking about?

"When was the last time Harry surprised you? Did something spontaneous?"
"So you're saying he doesn't love me?"
"No, I'm saying you two need to work on your relationship. At least he does. I know you already do. It's normal to become comfortable in a relationship when you're with someone for a while, but getting TOO comfortable is the problem. He needs to surprise you, keep you on your toes. Excite you." Sighing, she sits back. "Okay, what's the most impulsive thing he's done recently? And I don't mean having sex."
"He surprised me and took me out to dinner. That new Mexican place that's opened up near Madison."
Alisha smiles, "How was it?"
"Awesome! It was a great night! Just like before when we'd started dating."

Okay. I know I'm exaggerating a bit.
It was a normal dinner.
But still. It was pretty good.
"That's fantastic!"
"Harry may just not be an impulsive guy," I raise a hand as she starts to protest, "BUT. But William's the problem here Leesh."
She sighs, looking down and playing with the hem of her skirt. "Right."


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