Battle of the Hearts - Chapter 5

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I don't see William for a fortnight. I don't see much of Harry either. Although we live in the same flat, he comes home late from work and I'm already in bed. It doesn't bother me as much as it should.

"Okay. Take care. Call me when your flight lands." I tell Harry, descending the stairs to the subway, "bye."

Slipping it into my pocket, I swipe my card and hurry into the subway just as the doors close behind me.
Whew! That was close!

"Excuse me," I murmur, squeezing past a balding man.

Great. No empty seats.
Grabbing a hold of the railing, I hold on tight. I need to go grocery shopping, so I should get off at Madison Avenue, I guess.

As the subway comes to a screeching halt, I'm swung backwards toward the guy sitting on the chair.
"I'm sorry!" I apologize, glancing down at him.
He looks up slowly from his phone. "Quite alright."
"William!" I exclaim, surprised.
"Donna," he smiles, standing up and retrieving his laptop bag, "have a seat."
"I'm fine, thanks," I shoot him a smile.
"It's alright. Sit down."
I shake my head. "Thanks William."

As the train starts again, William loses his balance and rocks forward, arm reaching out for the railing. My hand instinctively shoots out and I grab his arm as he steadies himself.

He raises his eyes to mine, holding my gaze for a few moments before speaking. "Thanks. Now this seat is going to go wasted if neither of us si-" he pauses as a fat lady with obviously a wig on her head squeezes past him and sits down.

"She looks like she needs it more than me," I murmur as William turns to face me.
"Sorry," he holds the railing, his hand beneath mine.
"It's alright," I shrug, "I thought you didn't use the subway."
He chuckles, "I don't. I waited for a cab for ten minutes. Got fed up and decided to use the underground."
"Underground." I smile, shaking my head. "Haven't heard that word in yonks."
He laughs, "You Americans call it a subway."
"No kidding," I shoot him a look, glancing around, "where are you going?"
"Madison Avenue," he frowns, thinking. "I think it's the next stop."
"It is," I shoot him a smile.
"What about you?"

"Shouldn't you be heading home?" I look up to see a furrow between his brows. "It's late."
I shrug, "I've got some shopping to do."
"Where's your...." He hesitates, wincing around the word. "Boyfriend?"
"Traveling. His flight just took off. Why don't you like him?"

William shrugs, looking uncomfortable. "I doubt he likes me either. I just think you could do so much better. You're worth more, you know?"

I stare up at him before sighing and turning away. I don't have a response to that.

An announcement is made over the speakers and William's brow wrinkles as he tries to make out what's being said.

"It's our stop," I inform him.
Once the subway stoops, William and I get off.
"Where are you going?"
"Just down the street," I shoot him a smile, "I'll see you around."

Not a lie since we seem to be bumping into each other everywhere. Quite literally.
"I'll walk you there. No worries. I'm going the same way."
I shrug as he falls into step beside me. "You've gotten familiar with New York streets pretty quickly."
"Not really. I just travel this way on a daily basis so I know it."

"Thanks," I turn to William once we've reached the store.
He shrugs, smiling, "Don't mention it. I should be thanking you."
I frown, puzzled. "Why? What for?"
"We spent the last twenty minutes together and you weren't clawing at my throat once."
I laugh, "We've got our good days."
He grins, pushing his mop of hair away from his forehead, "Take care Donna. Don't stay out too late."
"Will do," smiling, I turn and walk up to the store.
"Yeah?" I turn as I hear his voice just as I'm about to push open the door.
"I'll be done in about half an hour. Could we get some drinks if you don't have any plans?"
I nod, smiling. "I'd like that."

I'm just putting the few things I'd picked up into the shopping bags when my phone rings. Pulling it over my shoulder, I answer it. "Hey."
"Hi. You done?" William's voice comes over the line.
"Yeah. I'm on my way out."
"That's all you got?" He asks as I join him outside.
I shrug, "Can't be bothered lugging heavy bags around. I'll stop by the grocers' near my apartment before work tomorrow."
"Okay. Anywhere particular you want to go?"

I just shrug and smiling, he walks to the edge of the sidewalk and signals for a cab. "Have you had supper?"
I chuckle, shaking my head. "No, I haven't eaten."
"Dinner, I mean," he replies, raising an eyebrow and I laugh.
"Where are we going?" I ask as William gives the driver the address.

And not just any address, but my flat address.
"We'll just drop your shopping off. And you can change if you like. There's a pub down the street from your place that does amazing burgers. Or would you like to go somewhere fancier?"
"No, burgers sound great!"
He smiles, sitting back. "You've still got a trace of your British accent."
I laugh, "Talking with you, it's definitely coming back."

William waits while I quickly change out of my work clothes and into a light pink halter top and black tights. Brushing my hair out, I lightly touch up my makeup and slip on my pink sandals and my coat.

"I'm ready!" Adjusting the strap on my top, I look up and stop, nearly walking into William.
His eyes look me over and he smiles, "You look great."
"Thanks," cheeks burning, I glance away, running my tongue over my lips, "let's go."

"So, what new?" William asks, resting his elbows on the table between us.
I take a sip of my drink, sitting back in my seat. "Not much. You?"
He smiles. "I moved into my flat last week. You should come over, I could use your input on how to furnish it."
I shrug, smiling, "sure."
"How did you and Harry meet?" He asks as out burgers arrive.
Pausing from taking a bite, I look up at him, both eyebrows raised, "Really?"

He chuckles, raising up a hand. "I promise, I'll try my best not to say anything insulting."
"Okay," taking a bite, I chew my food before washing it down with my beer. "Luke, Alisha's boyfriend, introduced us at a party. I'd just broken up with a complete moron a few days before, so I wasn't really interested. Treated him like a friend but soon enough he started asking me out. I refused at first, but then I said yes. He's fun company. Knew how to make me laugh and he used to do the most romantic things."

William nods, listening carefully, "How long have you been together?" He asks, swallowing his food.
"Nearly three years."
He splutters on his drink. "What? Really?"
"Yeah," I smile, shooting him a confused look. "Why so surprised?"
"He hasn't proposed?"
I sigh, looking down at my plate, "No."
He shakes his head, "I told you, you're worth so much more."

"And what do you want me to do about that William?" I demand, something in me going off. "Even if what you say is true, for whatever reason. This is the first relationship I've been in that's actually made me happy. And you have no idea what kind of idiots live in this city! And what if that's just it? What if I'm just destined to be just happy and not get that exciting romance we all dream of? Maybe for me, it's not meant to be!" William just shakes his head, looking at me before turning to his food. Rolling my eyes, I decide to ignore him. But who am I kidding? "What is it?" I ask, putting down my burger.

"Nothing," he gives me a smile that doesn't reach his eyes.
"What is it?"
"I told you I wouldn't say anything insulting."
"Well, I'm asking you to."

"How can someone SO beautiful be SO stupid?" He exclaims, looking at me. My mouth falls open in shock, I don't know from whether he called me beautiful or stupid. Probably both. But mostly because of the beautiful. "You deserve SO much! Hell, you probably deserve more than any woman in this world! Just look at how much you put up with me while we were growing up! I was such an arrogant asshole. Made your life miserable every single day and you hardly ever ratted me out. You just put up with me when anyone else would have gotten revenge!"

I shake my head. "You didn't make my life miserable."
"Yes, I did."
"No, you didn't. Yeah, I spent nights up crying and hating you at all the potential dates you'd chased away, but I wasn't miserable. You picking on me meant you noticed me. And that got me a lot of respect from the girls because - 'Oh, William Crawford looks at you!'" I roll my eyes, chuckling.

"But still. I feel awful for all of it!"
"William, it wasn't all horrible. We did have a few good moments."
"Like?" He frowns.
"Yeah, they're hard to remember because the bad days outweigh them by far, but remember the day my aunt took us both out to the country side? You were very nice to me that day and I think that was the night, I realized that you usually are nice when no one's around. It's only when you're at school with your gang that 'Torment Donna' mission commences."

"And that gave me no reason to be an ass. I'm truly sorry Donna."
I laugh, shaking my head, "It's alright! Honest."
"You sure? Because at the beginning you were pretty pissed that I turned up here. But I didn't come her to ruin your life. I promise."
I smile, "I know."
"So can we start again? Give me one last chance?"
"For what?" I ask, leaning forward.
William holds out his hand, "Friends?"

Smiling, I slip mine into his. "Friends." I agree as he squeezes my hand. There's a faint buzzing in my body as his warm skin remains in contact with mine.
Smiling, he lets go and reaches for his beer. "So what are your plans for next weekend? It is your birthday."

"Hello?" I answer my phone, glancing towards the bar where William's getting our drinks.
"Where are you girl?" Alisha's voice comes over the line.
"Out. What's up?"
"By yourself?"
"Then with whom?"
"Um..." I clear my throat, glancing up. "William."
"AH! Shut UP!" Leesh screams down the line and I pull the phone away from my ear.
"Simmer down Lisa. I'm not planning on going deaf!"
"You better not be!" So, how? Where are you guys? What's happening?"
"I can't talk right now." I reply, watching as the barman hands William the drinks.
"Okay, okay. I'm coming over tomorrow morning and I want DETAILS."
"Sure Leesh."
"Have fun!"

"Everything alright?" William asks, placing our drinks down.
"Yup. That was just Alisha."
"See, even she understands me when I say you deserve so much more."
"You two talk about me?" I ask, raising an eyebrow.
He shrugs, "Just once. She doesn't like Harry either."
"I know."
"But she hangs out a lot with the two of you."
"She's my best friend."
William sighs, "I'm going to have to be nice to him too, right? Since we're friends now?"
I laugh, "That's completely up to you."
"Thanks. That makes it SO much easier!"


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