Battle of the Hearts - Chapter 8

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*Donna's POV*

Hearing a crash and shout from the lounge, I quickly pull on my robe and rush out of the washroom.

Harry's standing in the entrance of the hallway, staring at my cat that's curled up on the couch. The vase that was standing on the side table is now shattered on the floor.

"What happened?!" I exclaim, walking over to the couch and stroking my cat. Lifting up its paw, I check them making sure no glass has gotten in.
"Where did that come from?" He asks gruffly.
"My cat? It's a birthday present."

"From whom?" He walks into the room and starts pushing the glass into a corner with his shoes.
His eyes flash up to mine, "He was here?"
"I went out."
"Yeah. Birthday dinner."
"Just the two of you?"
"Yup. Isn't she beautiful?"
"It's a she?"
"Yeah," I smile at him as he sits down beside me.
"Isn't a cat a... unusual gift?"
I shrug, "He knew I've always wanted a cat."
"You did? I wasn't aware of that."
"I really wanted one when I was small, but my Aunt didn't like cats."
"So you never got one?"
He looks at the cat and turns to me, "You could have told me you wanted one." His voice is accusing and I look at him, frowning.

What's wrong with him, he was fine a moment ago!
"I forgot Harry. It's not a big deal."
"It is. If you wanted something, I'd have gotten it for you."
I roll my eyes. "It's not a big deal," I repeat. Shrugging, I turn to my cat and pull her into my lap. "I don't, what's going on with you. You need to chill."

He gets up and stalks out and sighing, I put the cat down. Getting up, I head to the kitchen to get a broom and sweep up the mess.


"You haven't spoken for four days?" Alisha asks over our lunch break.
I shrug, "I have, but all I get are curt replies. He isn't even trying."
"Maybe he's really upset."
I frown, "About what? William didn't serenade me, I didn't ask him too. For all that it's worth, he could have sung ....uh, I don't know. He could have sung 'Gives You Hell'. It isn't my fault he remembered, I always wanted a cat."
"Exactly, but he didn't."
"Blimey! The song was just a joke!"
Alisha stares at me, confused. "Blimey?"
"You like when I say, 'God!' exasperated. Don't tell me you don't know what it means."

"I do! It's just that you don't normally say it." When I just shrug, she grins, nudging me. "Looks like someone's rubbing off on you."
I roll my eyes even as my cheeks color, "What do I do about Harry?"
She shrugs, "Look, I talked to Luke and he said Harry's only problem as we both know is being attentive. All his past relationships ended because of it and I'm pretty proud to say you've hung around the longest."

"Really?" I asked, surprised. It's not like Harry's a nightmare, his inattentiveness aside. "What was the second longest?"
"Um... a little over a year."
"And I've stuck around for three? And he still doesn't appreciate it?"
Alisha sighs, "What do you want to do?"
"I don't want to fight," I murmur, looking down at my salad.
"Then talk to him. Maybe he just needs to know you're still you even with William around."
"Okay," I sigh, "I will."


Entering the lounge, I hesitate, watching Harry as he reads the paper.
Lord help me.

Taking in a deep breath, I walk over to the couch. "Harry?" I wait until he lowers the paper and looks at me. "We need to talk." When he doesn't reply, I sit down, sighing. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry that you're upset, not that I made William go up and sing. Because it was just a joke and I didn't imagine it would play out like it did. Whatever feelings William has for me, no matter what they are, shouldn't matter us because I love you. I wouldn't throw three years worth of memories with you away, no matter who sang to me."

He watches me for a few long moments before finally speaking, "What if it were Chris Hemsworth singing to you?"
"I might have to think about it," I shrug. He raises an eyebrow, looking intimidating and I correct myself, smiling. "But then again what if he doesn't have a nice voice?"

Who am I kidding? Chris Hemsworth's deep voice totally turns me on. So deep and sexy.
Harry sighs, "I'm sorry too. I overstepped the mark. You two have known each other since childhood, so it's only natural you know how to wind each other up, I guess. I shouldn't have overreacted."
"It's alright," I smile.
"Come here," he holds up his arms and I slide into them, resting my head on his shoulder. "We should do something. Only the both of us."

Oh. My. God. Thank you!

"Yeah, we should," hearing my phone ringing in our bedroom, I sit up. "Lemme get that."
In the bedroom, I pick up my phone and seeing William's name, smile, "Hiya."
"Hey!" He chuckles and I smile.
"Someone sounds happy."
"Just got off work and I'm hearing your voice. Nothing could be better."
I chuckle, shaking my head, "You do know you're the one who called right?"
"Of course and I was wondering if you were free tonight?"
Oh, crap. I feel my smile slide off and bite my lip, "Oh."
"Oh? You alright?"
"Yeah, yeah," I shake my head, lowering my voice. "I can't tonight."
He sighs, "Bugger. Alright I guess. It just seems like it's been ages since I've seen you." He says, sounding completely gutted.
I immediately feel bad, "How about I come over tomorrow afternoon. I'm off work and I can help with setting up your apartment."
"That'd be great."
"Aright then. I'll call you tomorrow."
"Alright. Take care."
"You too William. Bye."
Sighing, I hang up.

Keeping both men happy is going to be tricky.


I stare up at the beautiful apartment buildings. They must cost a fortune! Located near Central Park in the Upper East Side, everything is posh and sophisticated. I glance down at my phone to verify the address before walking inside. The elevator at the end of the reception pings and the doors slide open.

William steps out and grins, seeing me, "Just the girl I was looking for!"
Holding back my smile, I glance over my shoulder before turning back to him, "Who? Me?"
He laughs, stopping in front of me, "No other girl I'd wait so eagerly for."
I raise an eyebrow, my cheeks coloring, "Since when?"

"Come on," heat shoots up my arm and spreads throughout my body as he takes my hand and tugs me towards the elevator. "Now, remember, I still haven't set it up, so don't expect much," he warns me once we reach his floor. He lets go of my hand and unlocks the door.

I follow him inside, looking around, "Wow!" It's so bright and airy. And mostly empty. After following William around the place, I'm completely in love with it. This is like another world compared to my small cramped apartment, "It's amazing! William, you've got a great place."

"Thank you," he smiles, looking chuffed. "You just have to work your magic."
I shoot him a confused look, "What are talking about?"
"Sheryl used to tell me how you always wanted to be an interior designer. But you're at a firm working in the HR department." He frowns, studying me, "What happened Donna?"
I shrug, "Reality. It isn't easy getting into the firms I wanted to work for. But since when did you become so close to my aunt?"
He shrugs, "Not sure. After uni I suppose when I moved back to London."

I nod, looking around the lounge, "You still haven't finished unpacking?" When he shakes his head, I smile, "Why don't we start with that? So I know what exactly you need to buy."
He shrugs, following me, "Sure."

We work on the boxes for nearly two hours before taking a break. William had ordered burgers, we ate those in his kitchen since he doesn't have a table yet.

"Oh, look! A photo album!" I pull it out of the box and settle down on the floor, crossing my legs.
"It isn't interesting," William reaches for it, but I don't let him, holding it away.
"So? I don't mind."
He sighs and sits down next to me.

I'm flustered for a moment as our knees touch, but then I shake my head and open the album.
"Aw! You look so cute!" I exclaim, looking at his baby photos. I turn the page and stop short. "Is that me?" I ask, surprised, leaning in for a closer look. "That is me! And that's Sir Humphrey!" I exclaim, naming my childhood bear.

William chuckles, "You always had him with you."
"Yeah and you always stole him from me!"
"Remember how you used to call me Wi-am?"
I smile, looking at him, "Yeah. I hated you, you were a monster back then. But I'd still only talk about you to my aunt. Bad Wi-am did this, bad Wi-am did that."
He laughs, "I used to love stealing your bear. Remember when you took it to school in the first grade?"

"Yeah," I smile, my mind miles away as I recall that day. "All the big bad boys were teasing me and you came and saved me. Took me to the nurse to get a band aid for my bear's boo-boo." Turning, I look at him, "you told the boys if they were mean to me you'd beat them up."

William smiles and I can't seem to move my eyes away from his sparkling ones. I don't think I want to anyway.

We're sitting so close, our noses are literally touching. If I just reached up a teeny bit more... (Okay, while I was writing this part, Crush by David Archuleta started playing and it seemed pretty perfect for the moment. Anyone as crazy as me about that song?)

Dropping my gaze as my breath catches, I turn back to the album, turning the pages, "I'm in a lot of these pictures!" I say surprised but William just shrugs.

There are a couple of high school photos, which I'm not present in and one from his graduation. Turning the page, I feel my blood run cold and William beside me straightens.

In front of me is a photo of William, probably in college, and a girl. Her arms are wrapped around his neck, her face pressed to his.
I gulp, pushing back the pangs of jealousy.
Why on Earth am I feeling jealous?

"That's my best friend from college," William says when I don't ask.
Forcing a smile, I look up at him, "Girlfriend?"
He shakes his head quickly, "No, no! Just friends. She was engaged all through uni." He points to something on the page, but I'm too distracted with his fingers brushing against my bare arm. "See. You can see her engagement ring."
"Yeah, you can," my pounding heart starts to slow down. "She's pretty."
"Hmm," he just shrugs and I look up at him.
"What? You don't think she's beautiful?"
"I do. She IS pretty. But everything pales in comparison to you."
"William, please," I say quietly even as it makes my stomach tightens in nerves, my heart beats just a little bit faster.

He shakes his head, "I'm not flirting. I'm being completely honest here. I have never seen someone as beautiful as you."
My cheeks burning, I glance away, feeling flattered and just a touch shy, "Thank you."

"Donna?" William asks after a bit.
"Yeah?" I glance at him over my shoulder.
He looks uncomfortable, "When I called you yesterday, you seemed... conflicted. Was anything wrong?"
I sigh, leaning back on my heels, "Not really."
"You sure?" He asks, looking concerned.
"Yeah, it's just..." I hesitate, biting my lips. "Harry was upset over me."
He frowns, "Why?"

"Uh.... He didn't like the whole singing thing at my birthday dinner."
William stares at me for a moment before it clicks, "Shit. It was my fault! I'm sorry, I didn't mean to create any problems."
"It's alright. I know you didn't, he overreacted."
"So he's been upset since then? Does he know you're here now?" When I look away and don't bother replying, he groans, "Donna, I don't want to come between you two. You're obviously happy with him. If he's got a problem with you hanging out with me, then...." He shakes his head.
"William, it's okay. You're my friend, he has to be reasonable. And he understands now."
"But if h-"
"It's alright. I promise."
William sighs and just watches me, "If you say so."
I smile, grateful, "I do."


"Got any plans for tonight?" Harry asks, joining me in the dining room where I'm doing my nails.
"Nope," I glance up at him, smiling.
"Good!" He slides something towards me and I making sure my nails are dry, I reach for them.
"What are they?"
"I know you've wanted to watch it and it just came out this weekend so...."

I gasp, seeing the tickets to "What To Expect When You're Expecting". Alisha and I have been waiting for this to come out!

"Tonight's their first screening," Harry adds, smiling.
"You're going to watch it with me?" I ask, surprised. Harry doesn't watch chick-flicks or romance.
At all.
He shrugs, "Of course. But only because it's with you."
"Yeah, heaven forbid anyone think you've got a soft spot," I tease him, getting up and sitting in his lap. "Thank you!"
"We'll grab some dinner after the movie," he adds, running a hand through my hair, looking really pleased.

The movie's fantastic and Harry actually enjoys himself although he completely denies it to me. But I heard him chuckling through it, so I know better. It finishes around 10:30 and we drive over to McDonald's and have some burgers to finish off the evening.

"Oh yeah, before I forget," Harry reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small bag.
"What's this?" I ask, taking it from him.
"Open it."
"Okay," pulling it open, I turn the bag over and a necklace falls into my hand. I place the bag on the table and lift the necklace up.

It's beautiful.
A light shade of pink metal spelling out my name.
Just a tiny problem.
I've already got one like this in a darker shake. I actually bought it with Harry a few weeks back.
I have to be careful about this, just subtly hint at how cool it is having two.
Ah, what the hell. He'll never know.
And it's the thought that counts right?

"It's amazing!" I grin, "thank you."
"You really like it?" He asks just as my ice cream arrives.
"Yeah! It's mine, thanks," I smile at the waitress. "Do you want some?" I ask Harry, trying to move on from the necklace topic.
He shakes his head, smiling, "No, darling. Let me just go pay."


Alisha laughs, "Wait. He got you the EXACT the same thing?"
"Just a few shades lighter."
She shakes her head, "Men are hopeless."
"I doubt Luke would make such a mistake," I reply, rolling my eyes.
Or William.

"Don't be so sure! He's done it a couple of time!"
I sigh, leaning back in my chair. I glance towards my office door to make sure no one's there. "It was fun otherwise. The movie was great! We need to go watch it this weekend."
"Yes, girlie, we do!"
"It's amazing though!" I sigh, looking at my best friend, "Chace Crawford. YUM!"


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