Be The Change

It is becoming part of our nature to stand by like spectators and watch life go by. Most of us dream of change, but who is going to usher it in?...
Don't wait for the morrow,
For someone else to bring change.
Put an end to eternal sorrow,
And what matters most rearrange.

What's there for him is for you to;
Reach out and do the same.
What you have may be frugal few;
But excuses, they are lame.

"Why should I?", is getting old,
You are intelligent, so you claim.
Abandon fear for character bold,
You can add light to your name.

Isn't it funny and intriguing so
That you hide behind another;
Awaiting thrust to rise and sow
Encouragement from a brother?

You know you have what it takes
To make a difference to life.
Make the bargain worth the stakes,
With intellect replace strife.

If there's a problem, there's resolve
And, there is definitely range;
To differences all at once dissolve,
And rise in time, to be the change.
By Gaynor Borade
Published: 4/9/2009
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