Be Thou My Vision

Hymn History, 'Be Thou My Vision'.
"Be Thou My Vision" is an old Irish traditional hymn with its roots deep in the heart of Ireland. It is said that an eighth century Monk, Dallan Forgaill, penned this beautiful poem. The music which accompany the lyrics is an ancient Irish folk tune called 'Slane'.

The most well-known United Methodist version was translated in 1912. The words to this beautiful hymn were written as a tribute to Saint Patrick.

There is an interesting story behind the scenes story about Patrick and this hymn, 'Be Thou My Vision'. It seems St. Patrick (385-461) On an Easter Vigil, lit a bonfire on the hillside of 'Slane' to celebrate the Christian feast day.

But the Pagan King forbid the lighting of a fire until the Spring Festival started, which commemorates a Pagan feast day. They would light a fire on 'Slate Hill'. This act started a war among Pagan beliefs, Christianity, and the King.

The King decided that Patrick was so brave to have risked his own life for the sake of Christianity. The King allowed him to continue his work, changing the spiritual muse of Ireland forever.

How do you feel about the Saints?
Never thought about it.
They are 'lesser Gods'.
They are servants of Christ .
They never existed.
I have a favorite Saint for a special reason.
Published: 8/7/2015
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