Be Yourself

Seek freedom in your own heart.
Freedom is the right to choose,
The right to be yourself,
Freedom can't be tamed by laws,
Religion tries to sell,
Judges, priests and politicians,
Have no right to condemn,
Freedom lies within your heart,
Its yours to comprehend.

Mr. Crowley's Book Of Law,
Says, "Do What Thou Wilt",
The choice is yours alone to make,
Don't garnish it with guilt,
Let no one tame your dark desires,
Let nature take its course,
The urge you feel to vent your rage,
Should never yield remorse.

Stand up against conformity,
It only buys your soul,
Defy the fundamentalism,
That seeks to gain control,
Never cede the code of conduct,
That others may refute,
Truth lies within your own spirit,
This world belongs to you.

Let no one make you property,
By holding you to terms,
Condition is incarceration,
That only fuels your qualms,
Conform not to the illusion,
That keeps you in your place,
It is merely someone else's gain,
Purchased at your expense.

Rise up to your heart's desire,
Indulge in revolution,
Let your own anarchy be the means,
That builds your constitution,
Establish what is right for you,
Defend with pride and valor,
The fortress of your heart that holds,
Your dignity and honor.

Seek not their material world,
Lest you fall into their snare,
Allow the wisdom of free thinking be,
The only burden that you bear,
Beware the urge to be like them,
Fall not for their fool's gold,
The greatest wealth you'll ever gain,
Lies within your own soul!
Published: 8/16/2012
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