Beautiful Grave

The beauty of a life well-lived.
I have walked a lot,
I have seen a lot,
But there is non so beautiful,
As beautiful as some graves,

And today all I wish for is one,
A beautiful grave that everyone would love,
A grave that can talk,
And inspire the living,

I would love to be in a grave,
Where people would gather from time to time,
And talk about my deeds,
And there I will talk forever.

I would like to rest in a grave,
Happy and satisfied,
Fulfilled and accomplished,
I would love to be in an inscribed grave,
Where the inscribed name is not my birth name,
But a name that really says about me.

I want to be in a beautiful grave,
Peaceful with no regrets,
I want to be in a beautiful grave,
With my name fully alive,
And my writings still talking,
And years after am gone,
People would still point at it and talk about me,

And here I am digging it with every word I say,
Shaping it with every effort I make,
Plastering it with everything I do,
Painting it with every way I help,
Lighting it with every life I touch,

And when day turns into night,
When my lamp goes off,
I will be happy to sleep in there,
And it will be the best place ever,
A beautiful grave indeed.
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Published: 8/6/2016
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