Beautiful Solace

Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder.
She stalked the night with the moon in her hand,
Looking for all, like a cosmic nebula,
All psychedelic and colorfully adorned,
So radiant within the dark.

Spiraling galaxies curled her hair,
Down her free-flowing satin evening dress,
Twinkling stars enhanced her smile,
She looked like a fairytale princess.

Of beauty and splendor there was no doubt,
She had it all in abundance,
Her eyes hypnotized everyone who caught sight,
And all inhaled her beautiful fragrance.

Dominant in stature, she led like a queen,
Her entourage of partisan lovers fell in behind,
Each one coveting to win her grace,
All of them in ignorance that her love would be mine.

To a fanfare of trumpets she entered the room,
She smiled as she saw me and I smiled back at her,
She blew me a kiss from her fingertips,
I caught it and trapped it within my heart.

Oh beautiful solace make my heart content,
Allow me to be worthy of the love that she gives,
Teach me the song of a lover's lament,
That I may serenade her for the rest of our lives.
Published: 7/12/2010
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