Beautiful Soul

An inspiration for all those people, who may be going through difficult times in their lives whether is economically related, fulfillment of their dreams or other personal matters. We should be strong and never let anything or anyone put us down!
I spoke to you a few weeks ago,
You said your dream
was to own a body shop.
I wondered the whole time
what happened to your dream?
Did it just disappear with the wind?
Or did the dream frighten you deep within?

That old wind of luck never came,
Instead it fought the rubbish
While you slept
With the piece of cardboard
On the ground.

The world
Would not understand.
Instead they pushed you around
From place to place.

They did not understand your pain.
How hard was to live a life
When no one cared,
How hard was to eat from the dumpsters,
How hard was not to shower for days.
How hard was to be ignored
And called names.

Still you did not care
You kept saying
Good morning
And good night
To every rude stare.

If only the world understood
That those beautiful eyes
Had a story to tell.
You would be here today,
To tell them
How you fought you pains.
How the evil despair
Could not win
The beautiful soul
Of an old man.
Published: 6/21/2010
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