Beauty & the Beast

Nature is a poem. The poet cares not for rhyme or scheme. He is drunk on creation and the stanza of life. So many teachers around, where is the eager, pure mind?
Swaying in the cool breeze, lose no time to see
The butter-cup's lesson on life, on the open lee.
She shares her world with snail and worm and the bumble bee
There's willow and the proud old oak and the sycamore tree.

Flying aloft in the deep blue sky, take a moment to look
At eagle, so regal, and the albatross above the emerald brook.
They share the sky with swallow, robin and the raven who took
The wrigglies from the earth below, while the little sparrow shook.

Working hard, night and day, breathe a moment with the bees
Amidst a throng of ants and bugs and crickets they tease.
The flowers feel not their sting, nor hurt beneath their knees
They do a courtesy before the magical pixies if you please!

Sharing and caring seems to come so naturally to creatures around
They live in harmony and make the most of little light and sound.
No teasing or wailing or grumbling for the earth or sky bound
Nor for the tame squirrel, chipmunk or the great Baskerville hound.

The beauty of nature abounds our world to show us hues so bright
Hues of lessons from the lark and the owl in the dark night.
Lessons of wisdom and true show of the power of love and might
Lessons from the sheep and mole and every creature in sight.

Wild or tame they live and abound full glory to His clan
They live and work and cradle, and do full justice to the plan.
Why then do we, so wise and intelligent, vanity and envy fan
To fall from grace and fall from worth and fall from being 'man'.

The earth is ours to claim and love and care for even the least
To drink the nectar of life a-new and knead the dough and yeast
Of labor and of brotherhood in preparation for the home-coming feast
Live up, live up, live up to the beauty and not animosity - the beast.
By Gaynor Borade
Published: 2/26/2009
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