Becoming a Vampire

Don't be stunned if someone walks up to you and asks 'Do you know the ways of becoming a vampire?' It might not always be an innocent question arising out of curiosity, as there are people who believe that they should be vampires and need to become one! To know more about vampires and how to become one, scroll down this iBuzzle post.
If you thought that vampires existed only in our imagination as we turned the pages of Bram Stoker's Dracula, then think twice! There are quite a few individuals living with us who believe that they are born as vampires, while there are those who are looking for ways of becoming one because they believe that's where their true calling lies. But before learning the ways to become a vampire we have to first know if vampires are real.

Are Vampires Real?
Well, this depends upon how you define a vampire. From the stories that we have heard, vampires survive on blood that they suck out of their unsuspecting victims. These blood sucking creatures prowl around in search of their prey at night and shy away from sunlight during the day. They are repelled by garlic and can be killed only by driving a stake through the heart. They are able to shape shift, i.e take any form, and are immortal! If you are looking for vampires with all these features, then no, they are not real. After all which mortal being would survive the blow of a stake through his heart? And if we are talking about mythical creatures, then we do not need to worry about them, do we?

Then why this question about how to become a vampire in real life? Well it is because there are people amongst us who call themselves vampires. Some of them know this right since their birth. However, there are others who realize this later on, only after they have reached adolescence with the event that is termed as the 'awakening'! But what is it that makes such people identify themselves with vampires? The answer lies in their need for energy, without which they claim they feel weak and ill. But these individuals are not the blood thirsty evils as they have been portrayed in folklores. They claim that they drink a very small amount of blood and this feeding is not on a daily basis. Most of them rely on animal blood obtained from butcher's shop. Even if it is human blood then it is obtained from blood banks or from voluntary donors! However, not all vampires are so considerate. Some stray instances of people being kidnapped by vampires for blood have also been reported. These are the 'sanguinarians' - the blood drinking vampires. There are also the 'psychic vampires' who suck the prana or vital energy from the bodies of their victims. This they do by simply touching their victims or by doing some act that would attract their victims. Once they engage their victims' attention, they suck energy out of their victims' body by psychological means. These are some of the common ways by which they obtain energy for their sustenance. Other than this need for energy these people claim to have some supernatural and psychic abilities. For example, while researching on vampires, I came across the case of one vampire who claims to have recovered from broken ribs in just two weeks and hasn't ever been down with any illness! Other than such unusual abilities, it isn't that they can shape shift or can't eat garlic. They are human beings who are very much mortal and there isn't any contemporary vampire who claims to be otherwise either.

Becoming a Vampire
We all know about the vampire kiss in which the vampire makes two punctures into its victim's neck with its canines. This is how these creatures expanded their tribe as per the various vampire myths and legends. There are certain cults that still rely on a somewhat similar way. However, there isn't necessarily real biting but yes blood of the initiated does drink the blood of the 'sire' (the older vampire). This establishes a permanent bond between the 'childe' and the 'sire' that is maintained due to the same blood flowing through the veins of the mentor and the initiated.

But for those who are faced with the question of how to become a lamia or a vampire without being bitten, there is answer for this dilemma of theirs as well. There are spells and magical means that are used as ways to become a vampire. These spells or magic are said to cast some of the unusual physical and psychological characteristics typical lamias. Which features of a lamia are to be bestowed upon the initiated depends upon the type of spell or magic used. Possession is another method of becoming a vampire. In this the body of the would-be-vampire is possessed by some spirit.

Other than these methods there is another very simple way to become a vampire or rather a 'vampyre'. These individuals are also known as the lifestyle vampires that do not wish to have any physical or psychological attributes of vampires, as we traditionally understand them. Such persons are attracted to the lore of vampires and emulate them by dressing up using appropriate costumes. These people get false fangs, contact lens and even decorate their houses to give a feeling of gloom and darkness. They may remind you of Gothic lifestyle but are distinct from it.

What makes people look for ways of becoming a lamia or a vampire? What is it that triggers in some, the need to extract energy from sources other than food, that biologically meets our energy requirements? Well some say it is a virus, whereas others indicate psychological problems. Nevertheless those who believe that vampires do exist, say it is to meet the supernatural powers of these individuals and so vampires have to rely on this extra source of energy. The mystery behind why some think that they are vampires or need to be initiated into this unexplained world, still remains to be unraveled.
By Debopriya Bose
Last Updated: 9/26/2011
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