Bed Bug Removal

Use the following bed bug removal tips, unless you do not want to share your bed with these annoying creatures...
All those who are looking for different bed bug removal tips, are obviously aware about bed bugs. But just to give you a brief introduction, bed bugs are parasitic creatures which feed on the blood of mammals. These insects are known as bed bugs, due to the fact that, their infestation mostly takes place in human homes, especially in beds. Private homes, cruise ships, army barracks, shelters and all types of dwellings are the places which are common to the infestation of these creatures. Bites from these bugs develop into red round bumps and later, skin rash. They also cause a great deal of itching, which sometimes, may result in bleeding due to scratching. In some cases, even skin blisters may occur. These symptoms gradually fade away in some days, and do not require any sort of treatment. Washing the bitten area with warm water and anti-bacterial soap, provides relief from itching and swelling.

There are varieties of bed bug removal products, which are chemical based. However, they come with a number of side effects and high cost. Using natural methods give way for low bed bug removal cost and is also safe and effective, as well.

Getting Rid of Bed Bugs

Bed mattresses, headboard, underneath the bed, in dark corners or cervices or a hole in the wall are the common places which are homed by bed bugs. So, these places should be checked for infestation. After this, all bedding materials (sheets, pillow covers, blankets, etc.), or anything washable, must be washed in very hot water. Objects like stuffed animals or toys, which cannot be washed, must be vacuumed thoroughly and sealed in plastic bags for a couple of weeks.

Furniture, cupboards, bed frames, baseboards, etc. cannot be washed and they are also the common places which are infested by these bugs. So, give them a thorough vacuum, especially in the corners. Steam cleaning is one procedure, that produces heat of about 120ยบ F, a temperature which is too hot for the bed bugs to survive. So, you can also make use of this effective and natural bed bug removal procedure. It not only takes care of the bugs, but also the eggs, destroying each bug that comes in contact with the steam.

If you reside in a warm climate, then nothing would be better than taking your bed bugs infested clothes and furniture, out in the sun. The sun's heat is just more than enough to exterminate the bugs and their eggs. Apart from bed bugs, if there are any other parasite or insects residing in the bed or the like, they will also be taken care off by the sun's heat. Not to mention, take all possible measures to seal and close every crack or fissure on the walls, furniture or other stuffs in your home.

Coming to bed bug removal sprays, there are certain non-toxic products which you can avail. These products can be used without any concern about pets and children, as they are non-toxic based. These bed bug removal products are 100% natural, environment friendly and are ideal for getting rid of adults, larvae and eggs. So, using such products, after vacuuming and cleaning the infested objects, chances for the insects to survive become less than none.

Repeating the above bed bug removal procedures regularly, every month, will result in a complete extermination of these insects. Getting your bedding materials, furniture, luggage, clothes, toys, etc. exposed to the sun's heat once in every month, will help in preventing future occurrences of any infestation. It is also thoughtful to have a good check at furniture, carpets, mattresses, etc. before bringing them home, lest, they may already be infested by the bugs.
By Rajib Singha
Published: 2/26/2010
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