Bedroom Color Combinations

The bedroom color combinations must be chosen wisely to avoid color clashes. Here we will help you with some of the best bedroom color combinations that you can choose from and paint your bedroom walls...
Colors play a major role in defining the comfort and style of any room. When it comes to painting a room, appropriate color combinations must be chosen so that it does not clash with the furniture and other paraphernalia in the room. While painting or remodeling a bedroom, you should also take care that colors should be selected in such a way that they do not contradict with the mood of a room. For instance, while painting a bedroom, the wall colors should reflect comfort as well as look stylish at the same time. These days there are many professional designers and agencies have come up which provide assistance in helping people select paints and designs for not only the bedroom, but also for other rooms in the house. Here we will take a look at the different bedroom paint color combinations.

Color Combinations for Bedroom Walls

Selecting appropriate bedroom color combinations for a bedroom is important, while taking factors like size, dimensions and furniture of the room, into consideration. Since the bedroom is one of the important rooms in any house, and is a private place where you rest, colors for this room should be such that they reflect the mood and environment. Before beginning to paint the bedroom, you should plan the color schemes and the way you would want the appearance of the room to be. A little research would rather aid you in selecting precise color schemes to satiate your choice and liking. Make sure the color combinations match the things in the bedroom. Here are some bedroom color combinations to help you in the task of selecting color schemes for the bedroom.

For master bedroom color combinations, choose dark colors like tan, combined with mint green. This color combination not only makes the room appear to be naturally smaller, yet have the comfortable look. Warm colors like red, sunrise orange, yellow combined with pearl white or ivory make the room have a cozier and cheerful look, while closing in the space. Earthy colors like caramel, beige and brown can be used for a contemporary look. This will also help transform a drab room into a stunning one.

In case the bedroom is smaller, choose colors that improve the focal point and dimensions of the room. Light colors reflect more light than their darker counterparts, and this makes the room appear to be bigger, since lighter shades tend to open up space. You can choose a combination of coral and off white with lime green or egg yolk yellow for the additional bedroom. Paint the walls in lime green, peach, or egg yolk yellow and the ceiling can be painted in off white or coral. Pastel shades, sea green, pale blue, lilac, cream, etc., with accents of camel or beige can be simulated for a more airy and spacious appearance. Remember to keep the lighter of the two colors for the ceiling. Also make sure the bedroom ensemble matches the wall and ceiling colors.

For kids' bedroom, the color combinations should be attractive that are also bright. The color schemes for a girls' bedroom will obviously be different from that of the boys. For painting the girls' bedroom you can choose pallet gray and pale pink. You can also select light lavender with gray. The boys' bedroom can be painted in sky blue and slate gray. Egg shell blue will also make an ideal choice for a guys' bedroom. For a neutral kids' bedroom, you can choose turquoise, pale yellow, grass green for the walls. Alternative stripes of two colors will also make the room look interesting. You can also make interesting motifs or images of cartoon characters on the walls for a more appealing look.

These were some suggestions for bedroom color combinations. Colors for the bedroom, or for that matter any other room in the house should be a reflection of your personality and taste. While painting the bedroom, choose appropriate bedroom colors and designs that not only beautify the appearance of the room, but also provide an aura of coziness. Remember your bedroom is a serene oasis, so choose color schemes wisely.
By Marlene Alphonse
Published: 3/10/2011
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