Before The Sun Sets

Do we really have the time for idle talk and act, when the mission of life becomes clear? And yet we act as though oblivious to the truth...
So many things to do and learn
Before the time of dusk-fall.
Need to make one good turn
Before the last and final call.

There is no time for idleness;
The tide must be turned now.
Every deed and its fruitfulness,
To be borne before last bow.

Where's the hour to hate and kill?
There is no time to criticize.
The cycle of cause turns the mill;
The act of life to synthesize.

With every wasted moment
The churning remains the same;
Idle while invites torment,
While actions play the game.

And at the hour of final knock,
When the light dims and dies;
There is no time to turn clock,
As in the sepulcher life lies.

There is much road to make up
And many stakes to the bets
Made while trying to fill the cup
Before the golden sun sets.
By Gaynor Borade
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