Before We Say Goodbye - Chapter Six

From the author of "Duality of Alexa" & "Unrequited Hate". How do you say "Goodbye" to the one who stole your heart?
Chloe woke up with a raging headache. Jack, Sam and Markus were all in her dream that night.

She didn't remember exactly what happened in the dream, only how she felt. How did she feel? She felt like ripping her hair out. Frustrated because she couldn't figure out which one was the right one when they all were there vying for her love and attention.

Getting out of bed, she got ready to leave the hotel. Adrienne would be waiting in the lobby for her.

"Cuz, how was last night. Are you alright? You look tired!" Adrienne said as she approached Chloe in the lobby area.

Chloe had been waiting for a good forty-five minutes. It never bothered her to wait, since she was always ridiculously early for things. Anxiety over time always got the best of her.

"I'm fine. I slept fine, I guess I just had really weird dreams last night."
"Oh really... What happened in these dreams?" Adrienne teased.
Chloe blushed, "I honestly can't remember the details. I just woke up frustrated."
Adrienne laughed a little, "That's too bad."
"Are we ready to check out?"
"Yeah, let's go."

Both of them walked towards the counter and talked to the concierge to check out. Just before they were going to turn away, someone caught Chloe's eye as he walked into the room from the "Employee Only" door. Chloe's face was all confused.

"Oh hey, Chloe! You've checked out?"
"What... are... You work here, TOO?" She asked in amazement.
"Yeah," he said scratching his temple.
"But did you even get any sleep?" This time she asked in astonishment.
"Of course I did."

Adrienne just watched the exchange.
"Uh, Chloe..."
"Oh yeah, sorry Adrienne. Let's go," She replied.
Facing Markus, she said, "Well, see you next time we're in town. Take care!"
"Hey Chloe..." Markus called after her.
Chloe stopped and looked back, "Yea?"
"Can I get your number?"

Chloe had never felt her heart skip a beat. Never knew where that saying came from, until now.

"My number?" She echoed in disbelief. "Uh, yeah sure. Here..." She said, as she reached for the piece of paper and pen that Adrienne had ready.

At least someone had their wits about them!

Markus smile from ear to ear, "Thanks. Do you mind if I call you sometime?"
"Not at all," she smiled back.
Suddenly her face became apologetic, "I'm sorry, but I have to go."
"Ok. Talk to you later, Chloe."

And with a wave from both ladies, Markus was left to fend of questions from the other staff who had witnessed the rather surprising exchange. A few guys clapped him on the shoulder and congratulated him on the scoring of a phone number. And a couple ladies behind the counter whispered. All he cared about was making sure he wouldn't lose that phone number, he had just acquired. He wasn't the type who did such things, but this time, it felt right.

Folding it three times, he put it in his breast pocket and patted it for safe keeping before jumping into his usual duties at the hotel.

Once they got into the car, Chloe steeled herself and looked over at her cousin. The whole time they walked towards the car, she didn't want to see what reaction Adrienne wore on her face. But now, she looked over and all she could see was Adrienne giving her a wide knowing smile. They both burst out laughing.

"I can't believe, I just gave my number to Markus!" Chloe exclaimed.
Adrienne continued to smile stupidly. A minute passed and they sobered up, "How do you feel?" Adrienne asked.
"I'm not going to hold my breath," Chloe answered honestly.

"I'm sure he'll call. He wouldn't waste time asking for your number if he wasn't. Markus doesn't seem like that kind of type."
"He doesn't. But I will won't. Besides I have exams to think about when I get home."
"Oh shit, that's true. Don't worry, we'll be home soon."

Before they sped off; however, they burst out giddily laughing like schoolgirls.

What an eventful weekend, Chloe thought as she looked out the car windows watching the scenery whiz by.

Back to reality in a couple hours...
Published: 10/30/2012
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