Behavior Charts for Teachers

One way to keep track on your students in regards to character development, is by keeping a spreadsheet that marks everything that the students have or have not done in the classroom. It's a better alternative to physical punishment and still quite affirmative.
Behavior charts are a great way for teachers to monitor the behavior of the pesky students. What these charts do is, they set a benchmark for the behavior of the student and, if it is up to the mark, the students can be rewarded for their efforts.

Behavior Charts

Behavior charts, in essence and principle, are quite similar to the performance appraisal charts that companies have. The utility is basically the same: to list out the positive behavior and rate the person according to his or her performance. They are increasingly being seen as great methods for promoting child development.

To this end, you will see that the charts contain a list of the behavior which the teacher considers essential and positive. They could be related to activities that the students perform and, on the other hand, could be about their attitude and how they personally perceive some things. So the first step is to list out a bunch of the behavior which the teacher feels are positive and essential to be rated. So they may include completion of homework, participation in class activities, performance on class tests, social skills and ability to mix with other students, etc.

The second crucial part is to make a rating scale. Say that you make a rating scale of points 1 to 10, 1 being the lowest marks and 10 being the highest marks. Rating scales help a person rate a student better in absolute terms rather than merely in relative terms. So make sure that you incorporate a rating scale for your students so that you can rate their performance on the various criteria laid down by you in the first step.

The third step is the performance scale. Set an aggregate performance benchmark. Make sure that you set a strong enough, yet achievable best marks for good behavior. If the students succeed evenly on all the counts specified and attain the score you set as the benchmark, they deserve some sort of reward. Discuss the rewards among your students and make sure that it is something that they covet. Because if it is, they will strive harder to achieve the rewards by showing good behavior.

Behavior Charts for Teachers

While this just gives you a basic outline for what a behavior chart should look like, you can jazz it up a bit further by making some nice designs around it and making it look really nice.

Activity Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Total
Behavior #1    
Behavior #2  
Behavior #3
Behavior #4
Behavior #5
Behavior #6
Behavior #7
Behavior #8
Behavior #9
Behavior #10

Behavior charts are a great way of monitoring the behavior of students and child behavior. And it gives the teacher a good way of tracking the bad behavior and rewarding good ones.
By Arjun Kulkarni
Last Updated: 9/23/2011
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