Behind the Smile: Chapter One - Meeting

Where the life they lead intercept with each other... This is where the story unfold right before their eyes.
Chapter One: Meeting

She stared at the shop across the road. It was a hair salon. Under the heavy rain, she clenched her teeth and stood still. She ignored all the passerby who looked at her with curiosity. All she cared was what is in that shop.

Alec almost finished cutting his customer hair, something outside the shop attracts his attention. He looked and he saw a girl, who was shivering outside the shop. The girl was staring at his shop and never even once dropped her gaze. Without thinking twice he quickly went outside and practically dragged her into the shop. Ignoring the shocked expression from his customer, he said, "Adam, take over this one."

"Okay boss," Adam said, looking puzzled but still obeyed his order.

She just looked at him with an annoyed look. With a shattered teeth, "I... I d-d-don't nee-d your heellp. I-m f-i-i-n-e." Tossing the towel that Alec gave to her, she started to get up.

"Wait," grabbing her arm harshly as he scrutinized her.

"What? I... I n-n-n-ee-d t-o g-g-g-o," She suddenly felt self-conscious of the stranger's eye gazing at her. The eyes were so sharp. It was like the eyes could see through her. She didn't like it at all.

"I were to blame if you found dead in front of my shop. This is winter for God's sake. You will be dead if you keep acting like that."

"Then I will be the girl with the matchstick then. Dying while dreaming about happy moment," she laughed bitterly.

"Now, let me go please? I'm fine. I need to go home to get warm clothes," She gritted her teeth and looked at him stonily.

Sensing that the girl was so uncomfortable with his action, Alec quickly loosened his grip and sighed. This won't do any good at all. He keeps helping people without thinking twice about the person that he helped. Maybe they weren't comfortable being helped.

"You really don't know me at all huh?"
He looked at the girl, puzzled with the question. Did she actually ask me? Or anyone? The girl just looked at him expectantly. He shook his head.

The girl smiled sadly. "Yeah, I guess so."

Wait. What the hell is she trying to say actually? I just met her today. Still a little bit confused with the girl's question, he smiled and patted the girl's head gently.

"I'm Alec."


"And you don't want to introduce yourself?" Adam asked tentatively. This is one tough girl he'd ever seen.

Before this, women never been his problem ever.

Suddenly without warning, the girl got up and ran towards the door.

He can just stare at her open-mouthed.
Published: 6/19/2012
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