Behind the Smile: Chapter Two - Her

Who is she? The mystery girl that Alec encountered. The girl who desperately wants to fit in.
Chapter 2: Her

Her tears won't go away. She fiercely dabbed it. It's painful when people did not remember you at all.

It makes you feel empty. Another tear fell off. She ignored it.

Why is this happening? I could not bring myself to bother him. He was so happy with his life right now.

His life is perfect. She smiled ruefully. He also becomes much more handsome and his admirers never lessened. She knew. All this while she's been watching him. Watching him closely.

She looked up and gave a piercing scream. She scrambled backward.

"No, please n-," Her voice shook and her pleas being ignored and later on, there's an agony cries escaped her mouth.


She just stared at the pavement with unseeing eyes. Her barefoot was dirty and her clothes was smeared by the mud. She did not feel uncomfortable by it either. The big difference in her image was her hair. Her lovely dark brown that's being her favorite. It was cut short and uneven.

She touched it absently. She walked in the same path that she used everyday and practically every time and that path will always come into a pause. There she is. She looked at the shop again. It's his shop. Alec's shop.

She looked up at the sky. The weather was nice. Strange. She never stopped in front of his shop during good weathers. It is because he would see her. She was so sure that Alec would not notice him if she spied him under the rain. Unfortunately, yesterday was a mistake. Her cover was blown and she didn't know how to react. Such a fool, she thought.

She's here again, waiting for Alec to notice her. She gazed at Alec. He's busy. Perhaps she must not bother him today or spying at him. She turned away. She smiled.

Today if I see him, so my mood gonna be happy just for today. She grinned at herself.


Oh, oh. She knew that voice. It's Alec. Without turning her head and without thinking, she started running.

"Hey!! Wait for a moment!!" "I said wait!!"

The man behind her started to huff. No, he must not catch her. Not today. Definitely not today!

She ran faster and faster.
Published: 6/21/2012
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