Behind the Smile: Chapters 11 and 12 - Necklace and Truth

Things started to get much more complicated?
Chapter 11: Necklace

"So, what are we going to talk about?" Alec asked as he sat down. Beth sat next to him and started to think about it.

"Oh... I don't know?" Beth grumbled as she hugged her knees.

Playing with Beth's hair, Alec scanned it.

"Beth, you need to trim you hair again," he said as he pointed out his finger at the tips of her hair.

Beth scowled at him in a mild annoyance.

"So Beth, talk about your life," Raising his eyebrow, he suggested.

She stared at Alec blankly. Wh...what? My life? Is it possible for me to tell him everything?

Still thinking about it, she instinctively touched her necklace. She holds her necklace tightly.

"Maybe I should tell you about this necklace. It's my mother's." She slowly said it, waiting for Alec's reaction.

Alec heard without speaking as if pushing Beth to continue, he nudged her.

"It is one and only thing that I ever had from my mother. Sometimes, when I feel down or there's no way out, I will just keep holding on because the necklace is somehow my strength," she's toying with her necklace.

"Why you didn't ask me about, why I didn't go to school or continue my study? I'm 19," Beth asked hesitantly. She braced herself for the answer.

"Oh? 19? I thought you were 26, 2 years older than me," he smiled at her mischievously.

Beth punched him lightly on the shoulder.
"No... it's just that may be there are many reasons why you didn't or couldn't go to school. I understand," he smiled a little.

"What about you? Tell me something about your life?" Beth quickly asked before he can ask anything.

"Hmm... I moved here because I wanted to start my business. About 2 years ago."

Beth smiled as she heard that. She knew. She knew from the first day because she could recognize him because of his scar.

As he babbling about it, she continued eating her ice cream while listening tentatively. Behind the bush, Felix was watching them quietly, smiling.


Chapter 12: Truth

Beth started to reach the door knob to go out when she heard Felix was whispering on the phone. She quickly strained her ear to catch the conversation.

"Yeah Bob. I can guarantee you that both the girls are a beauty. They can attract even flies," Felix laughed at his own joke.

"I can give you a good price. Yeah... as soon as possible? Checked."

Beth clasped her hand on her mouth. She could not bear to hear the details anymore. She quickly exited the house using the backdoor and ran as fast as she could towards the place where she promised to meet Alec.

Her tears won't stop. It's streaming on her face and she wiped it off angrily.

She was shocked when someone touched her arm.
"Beth? What's wrong?" Alec asked as he saw Beth was crying nonstop.

Beth hugged Alec tightly and continued to cry heavily.

"Why? Did Felix do something to you? Please tell me Beth! I cannot help you if you refused to tell anything," Alec pulled her and grabbed her arms desperately.

Suddenly, Beth's mind was racing. She quickly pushed Alec and stared at him, frightened.

"How did you know about Felix? I did not tell you anything about him!!" Alec sighed. He put his hands on the air.

"Beth, I actually remembered about everything. Everything. I know about you, Alice and Felix."

She dropped to her knees. Alec quickly went to her and Beth grab hold of him.

"Wh...What? Is it true? Why did you say you did not remember at all?" Beth demanded.

"Yes, yes. Remember how I asked you to remember me? My scar? I know that you will be in trouble if I remembered about you all, plus I am in trouble if he knows me," Alec said.

"Trouble?" Beth's face was full of question.

Alec shifted uneasily.

"Well, remembered how I disappeared from your life?"


"I ran away actually because he wanted to sell me."

Beth yelped.

"Alec! No wonder he was so angry and hates you! Did you know that after you ran away; he came back bloodied and one of his ears being chopped off and to think I was so afraid to ask him what's happening,"

Alec gave her a look.
"Now Beth, stop talking about me. What exactly happened to you?"

Beth silenced. She tried to muster a smile but failed.

"I... I am going to be sold."

"What?!" Alec looked shell-shocked.

"Why don't you run away with Alice? Look, you can run away now?" He asked exasperatedly.

"I could not! Try to think Alec. Why did I always go alone without Alice? It's because if one of us try to run away, another one going to be killed. He threatened us. We tried to run away once but he found us. We were beaten." She shuddered as she recalled what's happening.

"We're like sisters," she said it out loud as she thought about Alice.

Alec hugged her tight. He kissed her forehead.

"I'm going to do something about it. I promise," Alec swore.

For the first time in Beth's life, she felt there's a hope.

That night, Alec was being knocked down unconscious.


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